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July 04, 2011

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Treatability (Bench Scale) Tests
By McMillan-McGee
Mc2 aims to provide Clients with a solution and expected results even before setting foot on a project site. This is accomplished through completion of comprehensive soil analyses, bench scale tests, and engineering design and simulation. This preliminary work provides predictable results which in turn, means cost control, predictability of results, and efficiency for the Client. 
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TRS Electrical Resistance Heating
By TRS Group, Inc. (TRS)
TRS is the leader in the in situ thermal remediation marketplace. Property owners nationwide select the TRS ERH process for quick and reliable results.
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High Performance Skimmers - Heavy LNAPS�s
By Xitech Instruments, Inc.
These all metal 4” free product skimmers were designed to be completely chemical resistant to all LNAPLs and operate in a 212 degree steam injection environment. These LNAPL Skimmers easily fit into a 4” schedule 40 well or larger.  Our LNAPL pumps remove very heavy oils, #6 fuel oil, gear oil, PCB oil, and creosote. Our pneumatic skimmers Have a pumping rate up to 25 GPH. Our 4” LNAPL pumps operate to a well depth of 200 feet.  These groundwater ...
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Soil Equivalent Foam
By Rusmar Inc.
AC-667SE Soil Equivalent Foam is a patented product which produces a thick, long-lasting, viscous foam barrier for immediate control of foul odors, blowing litter, disease vectors and scavengers when applied to landfills as a daily cover material. 
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Hydro Excavator
By VAC-CON, Inc.
The Hydro Excavator is designed specifically for the job and can handle the toughest and most challenging excavating jobs. Based on our combo machines, the Hydro Excavator is powerful, durable and easy to operate. And like any Vac-Con® machine it is fully loaded with standard features and the industry`s best safety features. 
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Soil and Compost Tests
By Respirometer Systems and Applications, LLC
Application: Soil test require special consideration to simulate the conditions in the soil environment. CEL specializes in using specially designed columns to conduct tests of soils in a near-insitu state. Compost samples are tested in essentially the same way as soil tests. 
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Wellpoint System
By Griffin Dewatering
The wellpoint system is one of the most versatile of pre-drainage methods which can pump a few gallons per minute in fine sandy silts or many thousands of gallons per minute in coarse sands and gravels. 
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Spill Buddy
By Clean Earth Technology, Inc.
The Spill Buddy is a compact, manual, free product skimming system, designed to operate on site to skim quantities of product (LNAPL or DNAPL). The Spill Buddy"s operation is based on the state-of-the-art ALPHA-ARRAY™ sensors in the probe that detect the interface between the product and the water. An audible feedback signals the user to keep the pump positioned in the product layer, and allows product skimming with virtually no water pumped (dependent on operator"s ...
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Horizontal Remediation Wells
By Directional Technologies, Inc.
Industry analysts indicate that hundreds of horizontal wells for in-situ remediation are installed each year. Applications include air sparging, biosparging, bioventing, soil vapor extraction, dual phase extraction, groundwater extraction, landfill leachate collection, landfill gas collection, free product recovery, sparging, soil sampling for site assessment and to remediate groundwater contamination. These horizontal remediation systems are typically used under above ...
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Silt Fence
By Granite Environmental, Inc
Silt fence is used as a temporary perimeter erosion prevention & control device around sites where there will be a soil disturbance due to construction and land clearing activities. 
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