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  July 06, 2009

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Geoweb� Slope Protection System
By Presto Geosystems
The Presto Geoweb� slope protection system confines and reinforces the vegetated upper soil layer, increasing its resistance to erosive and sliding forces.� The system is an economical solution to challenging slope-surface stability problems while meeting a wide range of performance and aesthetic requirements.

The Geoweb system�s cellular structure supports topsoil and vegetation on slope surfaces that otherwise could not support sustainable plant life.� Confined ...
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Water Quality Consulting Services
By W.Q. Consulting Services Ltd
W.Q. Consulting provides the following services: Regulatory Consultations River & Lake WQ Assessments Environmental Impact Assessments Drinking Water Quality Wastewater Waste Water Odour Investigation & Treatment Irrigation Aquatic Studies Recreational Waters Sediment and Erosion Control.
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Soil washing plants for land remediation
Soil washing is a proven technique employed in many site remediation projects. Ground material from contaminated sites may contain heavy metals, organic solvents, etc., resulting from leakage or spills during industrial activity sometime in the past. The technique consists of physical and/or chemical processes that allow the separation of particle agglomerates and removal of the contaminants often contained within. This technique is the only one that solves all the ...
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Consulting Work
By Remediation and Natural Attenuation Services, Inc.
RNAS prefers to work with the existing consultant project team, providing our natural attenuation or bioremediation expertise as needed.� We see other environmental consulting firms as our customers rather than our competitors.� By partnering with the environmental professionals who have the greatest knowledge of a client�s needs, site conditions, site-specific engineering challenges, and local regulatory issues, we help provide the most effective bioremediation and ...
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Complex Screening
By Heijmans Blackwell Remediation Ltd
The application of traditional screening methods is used as a pre-treatment process to remove plastics, steel, paper, cloth and wood.�The plant would typically consist of a primary screener removing oversize hard material feeding to an aggressive three way screener or trammel discharging to separate streams for air jetting to remove light fractions, coarse aggregate washing to remove organic debris and finally to hand picking stations. By the clever modification of ...
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Environmental Services for Manufactured Gas Plants
By Burns & McDonnell
Burns & McDonnell has helped hundreds of owners of former manufactured gas plant sites resolve environmental impacts with a risk-management approach that controls costs and achieves site rehabilitation goals. From site investigation onward, we focus our expertise on achieving closure of the site at the lowest cost to you.
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