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  November 16, 2009

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Well Drilling Services
By Stevens Drilling & Environmental (SDE)
Commercial / Residential Wells, gas recovery wells, monitor / recovery wells, well sealing, pump installation, vapor extraction wells, pump repair , test pumping and Geo Thermal Installation.
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By Adventus Americas Inc.
EHC� technology describes a family of remediation products used for the in situ treatment of groundwater and saturated soil impacted by heavy metals and persistent organic compounds such as chlorinated solvents, pesticides and energetics. The technology is a modification of our DARAMEND� technology which has been used since 1992 to treat over 1,600,000 tons of similarly effected soil and sediment. Both EHC� and DARAMEND� are the subjects of numerous patents owned by ...
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Environmental Remediation for Groundwater
By Siemens Water Technologies
Faced with the challenges of increasing populations, more stringent government standards and more complex treatment solutions, many municipalities and industries alike are faced with the growing challenge of properly treating their contaminated wells, runoff and other groundwater supplies. Siemens Water Technologies provides the technical know-how and has the cost-effective solutions to make treating contaminated waters - whether destined for potable drinking water ...
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By Filter Innovations Inc
Groundwater is a significant source of potable water in Canada, with over 8 million Canadians utilizing groundwater as their primary source of drinking water. As a result, groundwater remediation strategies must meet regulatory requirement for returning treated groundwater to the environment.
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Baker Tank EZ Access TANKS
By BakerCorp
Excess water in construction and environmental runoff projects. Spent acids, caustics, viscous or turbid liquids.
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