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  January 18, 2010

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Levelogger� Gold - Model 3001
By Solinst Canada Ltd.
With a battery that lasts 10 years, and watertight corrosion resistant design, the Levelogger Gold is virtually maintenance free. It provides reliable water level and temperature readings with accuracies of 0.05% and storage capacity up to 40,000 level and temperature data points. It features upgradeable firmware, software, SDI-12 and telemetry options. This Levelogger is ideal for long-term water level monitoring.
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Oil Spill Eater (OSE) II
By OSEI Corp.
OIL SPILL EATER II is a unique Biocatalytic System of preformed multi-enzyme liquid concentrate. OIL SPILL EATER stimulates and accelerates natural biological reactions. When combined with fresh or salt water and oxygen, OSE II will cause crude oil and other organic substances to rapidly decompose; eventually biodegrading them to carbon dioxide and water.
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Soil washing plants for land remediation
Soil washing is a proven technique employed in many site remediation projects. Ground material from contaminated sites may contain heavy metals, organic solvents, etc., resulting from leakage or spills during industrial activity sometime in the past. The technique consists of physical and/or chemical processes that allow the separation of particle agglomerates and removal of the contaminants often contained within. This technique is the only one that solves all the ...
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MPPE waterpurification systems
By VWS MPP Systems B.V. - a Veolia Water Company
MPPE Systems are used for: Offshore produced water, Industrial waste water, Industrial process water, Groundwater. MPPE systems remove dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons with efficiencies of 99.9999%, down to below ppb level, or as specified. This applies to different types of hydrocarbons, e.g.: Aliphatic, Aromatic, Polyaromatic, Halogenated, e.g. chlorinated, bromated
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O2Zone� Oxygenation System (High Flow System 35-75 gpm)
By Remediation and Natural Attenuation Services, Inc.
The high flow system consists of an 8-inch gas liquid contactor (GLC), and oxygen injection manifold, a peristaltic chemical feed pump, and two 15 cubic foot per hour PSA oxygen generators. The system is mounted on a light weight aluminum strut frame and weighs less than 200 pounds without the oxygen generators mounted. The system is designed to operate at flows from 35 gallons per minute to 75 gallons per minute.
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