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January 19, 2009

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Magnum Spill Buster�
By Clean Earth Technology, Inc.
The Magnum Spill Buster� is an automated free phase petroleum contamination pumping system. It is specifically designed to remove NAPL petroleum product from the water table via a 2` or larger diameter well. Its unique auto-seeking device allows the pump intake to automatically follow the elevation of the oil/water interface as it fluctuates throughout the entire length of the well. The Magnum Spill Buster will not pump any amount of water.
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OxygenClean Advance�
By Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc.
Oxygen Releasing Compound for Soil and Groundwater Remediation. Aerobic biodegradation of contaminants in saturated soils and groundwater has been documented for over 30 years. Biodegradation rates for compounds such as benzene and phenol can be accelerated by as much as ten fold by creating aerobic conditions in the saturated zone. Since the early 1990s injectable peroxygen compounds have been applied to soils and groundwater to accelerate the degradation process. ERE has developed ...
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Granular permeable high-capacity organic adsorptive material. Can be applied in thick layers over sediments. Application: To provide subaqueous chemical isolation of contaminated sediment NAPL seeps in waterways.
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NewmanZone Line of Vegetable Oil Emulsion Products
By Remediation and Natural Attenuation Services, Inc.
Newman Zone (US Patent 6,806,078) combines fast-release slow-release electron donors designed to enhance in-situ bioremediation of chlorinated solvents and other anaerobically degradable contaminants (certain toxic metals, perchlorate, and nitrate).� Fermentation of the vegetable oil may support anaerobic biodegradation for as long as five years after injection.
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Soil Vapour Extraction/Air Sparging
By Ground Remediation Systems Ltd.
Soil vapour extraction is an established technology for the in-situ and ex-situ remediation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in sois. The process removes soil vapour contaminated with VOCs and generates a mass transfer of VOCs from the soil pores to the vapour phase. A high percentage of petroluem hydrocarbon contaminant reduction in SVE schemes is achieved by enhanced biodegradation. The introduction of oxygen to the formation can replace the depleted oxygen used by indigenous aerobic ...
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