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  October 19, 2009

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ID-221 Oil Sheen Monitoring System
By GE Analytical Instruments
Hydrocarbon on water detector for sumps (wet), tanks, ponds, and groundwater wells.
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Geophysical Surveying & Logging
By Schlumberger Water Services
Schlumberger`s more than 80 years of pioneering technology and innovation in geological surveying have ideally positioned us to provide advanced geophysical surveying and logging for the water industry. Our borehole imaging services offer you a truly advanced view of the subsurface environment. Our technologies allow us to quickly provide a real-time, real-view of the conditions inside the borehole�empowering our groundwater specialists to characterize your aquifer ...
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Oil Spill Eater (OSE) II
By OSEI Corp.
OIL SPILL EATER II is a unique Biocatalytic System of preformed multi-enzyme liquid concentrate. OIL SPILL EATER stimulates and accelerates natural biological reactions. When combined with fresh or salt water and oxygen, OSE II will cause crude oil and other organic substances to rapidly decompose; eventually biodegrading them to carbon dioxide and water.
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The Geochemist`s Workbench Professional 8.0
By RockWare, Inc.
The Geochemist`s Workbench is a set of interactive software tools for solving problems in aqueous geochemistry, including those encountered in environmental protection and remediation, the petroleum industry, and economic geology.
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CL-OutTM Rapid Bioremediation for Chlorinated Contaminants
By CL Solutions, LLC
CL-Out delivers active, rapid bioremediation of environmental contamination caused by chlorinated solvents.
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