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January 31, 2011

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By RockWare, Inc.
QuickSurf is a fast, powerful general purpose surface modeling system running inside of AutoCAD 2000 - 2011. Thousands of people use QuickSurf daily for generation and annotation of contour maps, profiles, sections and volumetric computation. QuickSurf converts surface mapping data such as point or break line data into contours, grids, triangulated irregular networks (TIN), and triangulated grids. A suite of sophisticated tools allows you to manipulate modeled surfaces ...
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Mobile Mixing Systems
By Alka-Tech
Cemen Tech is pleased to offer a mobile mixing system for the alkaline stabilization of residual organic wastes. The unit is completely self-sustaining with an on-board diesel engine and generator complete with a built-in air compressor. The system proportions both alkaline and organic components to maximize efficiencies and lower operating costs. Whether the plan is to treat river dredgings or disinfect biosolids, our mobile mixing system provides the answer.
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Refrigerated Condensation
By EnviroLogek Technologies
The C3 Technology developed by G.E.O. is a combination of cryogenic-cooling and compression processes with a proprietary regenerative adsorption technology that efficiently recovers volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the off-gas vapor stream of soil vapor extraction (SVE) or dual phase extraction (DPE) systems. The chemical is recovered as a non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) that is temporarily containerized in appropriate vessels for recycling or proper disposal. ...
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By SoilVision Systems Ltd.
ChemFlux™ is able to model fate and transport through the saturated and unsaturated zones. The process of advection, diffusion, adsorption and decay may be modeled. 
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Horizontal Air Sparging System
By Directed Technologies Drilling Incorporated (DTD)
Air sparging through a horizontal air sparging system can often enhance a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system. Horizontal wells provide a very effective mechanism for distributing air throughout the contaminated region. A horizontal air sparging system can be installed under a wide variety of conditions to induce more effective soil vapor extraction. Above the water table, the use of hot air sparging or steam injection systems can mobilize even semi-volatile contaminants ...
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Point Source Bailers - Model 429
By Solinst Canada Ltd.
The Solinst Point Source Bailer is stainless steel and has dual ball valves, top and bottom. This prevents a sample collected at a discrete depth from mixing with water from other depths during retrieval. It is a simple and cost effective device for aquifer profiling, and collecting samples from distinct levels. Purging and disposal of purge volume can be avoided.
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SDX Pressure Sensor for Liquid Level Measurement
By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.
The Stevens SDX (Submersible Depth Transmitter) is a pressure sensor that delivers accurate results while still remaining very affordable for a wide range of level measurement applications.

High impact, corrosion-resistant PVC Type II housing and potted electronics make the SDX extremely durable for most water and hostile fluid environments. The SDX is also an excellent choice for level measurement application that may put more expensive sensors at risk ...
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Extensive Online and Onsite EQuIS Training
By EarthSoft, Inc
EarthSoft provides extensive training services on EQuIS, either onsite or online. Our experts have conducted over 300 training sessions in the past 10 years. EarthSoft has created many training videos and has an extensive library on YouTube channel and Community Center web site.
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Contaminated Soils
By Tetronics Ltd
Heterogeneous soil contamination is caused by the presence of man-made chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment and includes Persistent, Bio‐accumulative, and Toxic (PBT) pollutants organics such as Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), inorganic contaminates like asbestos containing materials and metallic pollutants like hexavalent chromium. This type of contamination typically arises from industrial or municipal activities and events such as ...
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Equipment (remediation process)
By EOS Remediation, LLC
Proper handling and injecting EOS Remediation products is a critical, cost-sensitive step in the overall remediation process. That’s why EOS Remediation offers continuous mixing equipment for purchase or rent. Regardless of the number of injection points, equipment and systems that simplify and facilitate this process provide time and cost saving advantages over more labor-intensive on-site mixing and blending approaches. In association with Dosatron International, ...
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Mobile Oil Recovery Unit
By Integrated Engineers Inc.
Integrated Engineers has developed a process to remove oil from water or salt water using a mobile 100 gpm DAF system. The oily sludge that is skimmed from the DAF is stored in a Sludge Tank and then separated using a 3-phase centrifuge where 80% of the oil is recovered and recycled. The oil can be free oil or emulsified oil before separation in the DAF. The 48 foot trailer mounted unit is mobile across country and leveled at the site for cleanup purposes such as ...
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Economy Skimmers
By Xitech Instruments, Inc.

These 2 free product skimmers remove all light LNAPLs such as gasoline, diesel, #2 fuel oil, home heating oil, jet fuels JP4, JP5, and JP8, aviation gas, and other light chemical LNAPLs down to a sheen. These LNAPL Skimmers easily fit into a 2 schedule 40 well or larger.  Our LNAPL pumps have a pumping rate up to 12 GPH.  Our pneumatic skimmers are great as groundwater skimmers operating at well depths of  ...
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EarthImager 3D
By Advanced Geosciences, Inc.
GI EarthImager 3D is a three-dimensional resistivity data interpretation software package which runs on Windows PCs. It inverts both surface and borehole resistivity data and has built-in 3D data visualization capability. An EarthImager 3D Demo version is available on AGI website for free download. The demo version is fully functional except some features like printing and saving has been disabled and the maximum iteration number is limited.
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