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July 16, 2018
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EOSZVI - Model ZVI - Water-Mixable Oil and Zero Valent Iron (ZVI)
by EOS Remediation, LLC
EOSZVI is a patent-pending water-mixable vegetable oil based organic substrate with the highest concentration of micron-scale zero valent iron (ZVI) available. This unique product combines the proven reactivity of ZVI with a long lasting source of electron ...
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TenCate Rock - Model PEC - Reinforcement Geocomposites
by TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands bv
TenCate Rock PEC is a geocomposite consisting of continuous filament non woven, reinforced by high tenacity polyester yarns. TenCate Rock PEC is available in a wide range of tensile strengths, uniaxial and biaxial. Special types can be manufactured on ...
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Eijkelkamp Soil & Water - Penetrologger with GPS Standard Set

The resistance to penetration is a means of determining the ground load-bearing capacity, and the ease with which roots will grow through the ground (important when agricultural, rural- and civil engineering techniques are involved). The resistance to penetration is a mechanical characteristic that, given a certain texture, depends on changing parameters such as degree of humidity, density and the strength of the connection between mineral particles. Measuring the resistance to penetration of the soil in a great number of measurements is best executed applying an electronic penetrometer together with a datalogger, allowing for immediate storage and processing of the data in the datalogger. 

Raptor - High Speed Separable Shielded Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Antenna System
by ImpulseRadar
ImpulseRadar is proud to present Raptor, a modern ground penetrating radar (GPR) antenna solution that consists of a separable transmitter and digital receiver that form an adaptable self-contained radar system built on the latest ...
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MAE - Model ESP2 - Seismic Exploder With Combustion Chamber
by M.A.E. Advanced Geophysics Instruments
ESP2 Seismic Energizer is used to “energize” soil to better determine its nature as well as its stratigraphy through seismic prospection. System is made by two steel cylinders that, once detonation is triggered, move one inside the other ...
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Vac-Con - Model X-Cavator - Vacuum Hydroexcavator
by Vac-Con, Inc.
The X-Cavator is designed specifically for the job and can handle the toughest and most challenging excavating jobs. Based on our combo machines, the X-Cavator is powerful, durable and easy to operate. And like any Vac-Con machine it is fully loaded ...
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Atomisol - Metal Stabilization Technology
by Ivey International Inc.
Atomisol Metal stabilization and encapsulation is an alternative treatment technology for stabilizing toxic heavy metals in soils and production waste streams. The Atomisol proprietary stabilization systems render high levels of lead, chromium, cadmium, ...
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OTT Sutron - Wellcap Groundwater Monitoring Station
by The OTT Hydromet Group
Sutron’s Groundwater Well Cap leverages the power and reliability of the X-Link logger family to deliver a cost-effective, self-contained package to monitor groundwater. Features: RS-232, Satellite, Radio. Product highlights: Turnkey transmission ...
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