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January 02, 2012

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Windrow Turner - KW 614 (In Transport)
By Resource Recovery Systems International, Inc.
Transporting a KW 614.  Our most popular windrow composting machine. Engine Horsepower:  300-360. Tunnel Size:  6" H x 14" W.
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Plastic waste containers 50 litres
By Weber GmbH
WEBER refuse containers are manufactured according to DIN 30713, From one basic material only, Resistant to UV, cold, heat and chemicals, Sturdy, stackable, extremely robust and long-living, Can be mounted on stakes, trellises and walls without any trouble; They are emptied by simply releasing them with a triangular wrench (also for exchanging), Available in the standard colours orange (RAL 2010) and green (RAL 6011), other colours, Generally with hot-stamped logo in ...
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Rammer - Internal Pusher in Primary Shredder
By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH
The RAMMER, an internal pusher in the JUPITER primary shredder that provides clients with even more efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With this new piece of technology, Lindner have succeeded in creating a virtually closed shredding-space that no material can escape. "Gaskets in conventional systems still allow shredded dirt to leak out and soil the machinery - the RAMMER makes these gaskets redundant." With the RAMMER, the JUPITER does not need more space but gains ...
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Metal Separators: Screens, Sheets and Other Elements
Regulator–Cetrisa offers other products, such as magnetic screens, sheets, etc., and they can offer complete solutions for any need in the field of metal separation.
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Ixus� Bulk sorter
By BEST (Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology)
The Ixus™ Bulk sorter is the x-ray sorting solution for the recycling industry. For example metals, glass, heat-resistant plastics and small rocks absorb more x-rays than other materials and are easily detected. The sorter is easy to integrate, and can be used as complementary sorting equipment or as a stand-alone machine.
  • Scans products in bulk
  • Detects metal, glass, stones, high density plastics, bones, …
  • Detects (residual) ...
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Sweed� - ACSR Chopping Line
By Sweed Machinery, Inc.
When coupled with Sweed's Magnetic Separator, the 5703 XHD becomes such an effective ACSR processor that companies are having no problem keeping up with large amounts of scrap cable. This system is used to ensure clean division of the ferrous and nonferrous metals. Using the 5703 XHD with the Magnetic Separator is a value-added operation. For companies processing 100,000 pounds or more of ACSR annually, this system has very attractive payback potential!
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MDS-15 - Mobile Shredding Trucks
By Shred-Tech Corp.
The all new MDS-15 is the perfect compromise between our MDS-12 and MDS-18 models. Still very maneouverable on tight city streets and country lanes yet with a class leading 4,500 kg payload it can get almost any route completed. The MDS-15 is available in either "GT" (Ground Tip Tunnel) or "H" (Internal Feed with Cart Tipper) model designations.
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Product Destruction Shredders
By ARTECH Reduction Technology
Complete turnkey systems can be custom designed to destroy a wide variety of off-spec and out-dated products.
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Eco Green - CR 300 C - Tire Crumb Rubber Plant
By ECOGreen Equipment
Eco Green’s CR 300 C Tire  Crumb Rubber plant is proven to convert whole scrap tires into high quality, uncontaminated crumb rubber. Our equipment allows the customer to adjust the equipment screens for precise sizing control and flexibility for output sizes. Our Crumb Rubber Systems also utilize a variety of conveying and separation technologies to minimize product losses, maximize efficiency, and maintain a clean operating environment.
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Resource Recovery Solutions For Aluminium Dross Processing
By Harsco Metals Group Ltd
Aluminium producers are adopting zero waste policies with regard to dross.
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