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February 06, 2012

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Windrow Turner - KW 718
By Resource Recovery Systems International, Inc.
Traversing a windrow of sludge and wood chips. Engine Horsepower:  440-550. Tunnel Size:  7" H x 18" W.
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Cu29 - mod. 43 - Cable Stripping Machine
By L.R. snc
The Cu29 model 43 strips cables from 1 to 43 millimeters of diameter. The cable is incised along its length by an hardened steel blade. Dimensions: 450x400x400 mm Weight: 30 Kg Diameters: it strips from 1 to 43 mm Electricity: 220 V
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Samurai - Twin Shaft Shear Shredder
By EDGE Design & Engineering Innovation
Twin shaft shear shredder for the volume reduction of household waste, wood, green waste, plastics, tyres & carpets . The design encompasses the best of existing single & twin shaft technology with the addition of innovative new ideas to develop a superior shear in both forward & reverse direction. The Samurai is designed for recycling while operating with the minimum of environmental impact.
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Organic Option - Wheeled Cart
By IPL inc.
The Organic option is designed for compost collection. It has air vents that allow organic materials odor free aerobic break down and prevent putrefaction for a better compost quality.
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BioSep - Pre Treatment Systems
By BioPrePlant
The next generation production process to convert food waste in to valuable biomass.
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BioSep� - Food Waste Separator
By Norsk Biogass AS
The core technology - given the name BioSep® is built on an invention which makes it possible to separate empacked food waste into pure biomass and undesired components, especially plastic, from collected wet organic waste.
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B16 W - B Series - Vertical Balers
By Bramidan A/S
For huge boxes The B16 W is characterized by a very wide filling opening of more than 1.5 metre, which makes it possible to fill in even huge cardboard boxes without folding.
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Genius Optical sorter
By BEST (Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology)
With a combination of various sorting technologies, the Genius optical sorter is BESTs answer to meet the continuously growing requirements of the recycling industry. The sorter can separate materials based on color, shape and structure by means of cameras, laser or a combination of both technologies. The Genius achieves unequalled sorting performance and detects the slightest shades of differences in color, structure and shape.
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Presona - Sorting Plants
By Presona AB
The world population is increasing day by day. We have become accustomed to an increasingly high standard of consumption, more products, new products. The quantity of used material is also increasing at an alarming rate - and with it - the problem of handling this waste. We must identify and apply solutions to this problem which are economically acceptable and will remain effective far into the future. Here Presona can be an invaluable collaborating partner. We are ...
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Eldan - Jelly Cable Granulation and Separation System
By Eldan Recycling A/S
The system offered by ELDAN is intended to process petroleum-based jelly filled communication cables. These cables have copper conductors and PE or paper insulators and may have aluminium foil screens, steel armouring or in rare cases a hand drawn steel support wire set in a figure of eight shaped sheath.
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Sweed - Model 5703 - Heavy Duty Scrap Chopper
By Sweed Machinery, Inc.
The Model 5703 XHD Scrap Chopper is designed to meet the toughest linear recycling challenges and is especially suited for processing high volumes of ACSR and multi-strand communications cable. Unique front opening feedworks, taper-lock flywheel/shaft assemblies, and high-performance bearings make the 5703 XHD a remarkably tough chopper that is easy to service and maintain even when used in high-production environments. The 5703 XHD is widely recognized in the industry ...
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