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May 07, 2012

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Paper, Cardboard and Plastics Horizontal Baling Presses
High performance fully automatic horizontal hydraulic balers to process paper, cardboard, plastics bottles, plastics films, textiles and all dried recyclables. Vertical, horizontal or double auto-tie systems.
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BHS - Eddy Current Separator
By Bulk Handling Systems
The BHS Eddy Current Separator uses a strong magnetic field to efficiently & accurately repel aluminum from incoming materials, recovering your highest value product at high levels of purity. With our ECS, removal of aluminum from the waste stream is precise and product loss is minimized. The BHS ECS is rugged, effective and reliable, offering exceptional commodity recovery.
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Vortex - Cable Granulator
By Vortex De-Pollution
The Monster Turbo granulator can process 60-80kg per hour. It is a compact plant assembled with a blade mill for chopping the cables and an air separation system on a vibrating bed to produce clean copper granules. For car looms we recommend using the granulator with a pre shedder.
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Dumpster-Man - 14 Cubic Yard - Mini-Dumpster
By Dumpster-Man Inc.
14yd Dumpsters great for small exterior or interior remodeling projects for example  kitchen demolition 1-2 car garage clean-out 2-3 room clean-out .Our largest Mini Dumpster Great for larger jobs with small driveways or limited space. Back door opens so you can walk stuff in easy to load.
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VOLKANmed - Compact Clinical & Medical Waste Incinerator
By Waste Spectrum Environmental Limited
The VOLKANmed 15 series is a compact yet powerful incinerator, ideal for low volume Clinical Waste and Surgical Waste Incineration. It can also be used for the disposal of Medical Waste, Type 4 Pathological Waste and Red Bag Waste.
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Lamp Crusher
By MRT System International AB
The MRT Lamp Crusher is a robust stand alone crusher for safe volume reduction of mercury vapour lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps etc. MRT`s lamp crusher is a valuable piece of equipment in a compre-hensive lamp recycling process. It can there be used as the first stage of a process later aiming at separation of the various fractions of the lamps. This initial stage is in order to make transportation and storage more cost efficient. The lamp crusher ...
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Windrow Turner - KW 718
By Resource Recovery Systems International, Inc.
Traversing a windrow of sludge and wood chips. Engine Horsepower:  440-550. Tunnel Size:  7" H x 18" W.
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Secure Document Shredding
By Veteran Shredding
It really is quite simple…we shred paper and other medium ON-SITE with our state-of-the-art, high capacity, high speed mobile shredding trucks. Perhaps the most important burden organizations avoid is the time necessary to shred paper and handle large and bulky volumes of shredded paper. For example, if a typical mid-sized office disposes of 200 pounds of paper weekly, it will spend over three hours shredding paper and up to four hours in total handling bins ...
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Cans & Briks Sorting Equipment
The Cans & Briks Sorting Equipment (R-SLB) is classifying equipment that processes the flow of material made up of cans and briks that are previously separated from the general flow of the R.S.U. by means of an Eddy Current Separator. The cans undergo the most influence and are thrown ahead, where they are distinctly separated from the briks.
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VAZ 1600 - Single-Shaft Shredders Medium-Duty Series
By Vecoplan AG
The VAZ 1600 from the medium-duty single-shaft shredder series is available in the sizes S and M. Different rotor designs and geometries mean the VAZ 1600 is capable of shredding wood waste, paper, data storage media, solid plastics, plastic film, industrial waste, packaging and much more. In order to increase the throughput when shredding bulky and very light materials, the machine can also be fitted with an optional bridge-breaker. In addition to the standard drive ...
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RS Series - Four-Shaft Shredders - Industrial Shredders - Shear Shredders
By UNTHA shredding technology
The refined industrial shredders have stood the test of time and the toughest applications. With their great reliability and their ability to handle unshreddable items without problems, they excel in wide range of applications. These four-shaft shredders are used as electronic waste shredders (computer recycling), medical waste shredders and as tire shredders. The RS series can be easily integrated in a Electronic waste recycling plant or for a WEEE recycling plant. ...
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HSM V-Press 60 - Vertical Baling Presses
By HSM GmbH + Co. KG
The mobile baling press HSM V-Press 60 compresses foils and lightweight packaging material (paper, cardboard) right where the material is.
  • Compresses plastic foils, paper bags, lightweight boxes and packing paper
  • Mobile on casters
  • Effortless to operate with a minimum amount of strength
  • No electric or hydraulic components – no electricity, no servicing, no maintenance required
  • Produces well compressed, stackable bales

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