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May 21, 2018
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Flexus - Model Breeze Mini - Baling System
by Flexus Balasystem AB
Waste processing for small islands or remote locations. The Breeze Mini handles up to 10 tonnes per hour at around 25 kW of power, making it a perfect fit for smaller installations, e.g. on small islands or in remote places. High reliability for seasonal ...
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Bergmann - Model PS 1400-E (1400 Litre Capacity) - Roto Compactor
by Bergmann, Heinz, e.Kfm.- Machines for Waste Management
The Roto-Compactors invented by BERGMANN combine the advantage of continuous filling with the efficient collection of waste and garbage right at its source. The compaction takes place directly in a 1400-litre PE film bag which can be transported with ...
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Granutech-Saturn Systems - Hybrid-Drive Energy Efficient Shredder Technology

Hybrid-Drive Option for Single, Dual, and Quad-Shaft Shredders. The best of electric and hydraulic drives in a single new design. Granutech’s patent-pending hybrid-drive system provides the best of both worlds, drawing the best benefits from both electric and hydraulic drive mechanisms, in a single “hybrid” design. This means that all Saturn-brand shredders are now available with optional hybrid-drive, exclusively from Granutech.

Master Magnets - Can Sorter
by Master Magnets Ltd
The Master Magnets Can Sorter is a low-cost Eddy Current Separator that is designed specifically for beverage can separation. The extremely compact machine, which has been designed as a simple ‘drop in’ unit, enables a customer to easily ...
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VA-Teknik - Plastic Chain Scraper
by Hydria Water AB
VA Teknik’s plastic chain scraper is a proven product that has been on the market for more than 40 years. With thousands of installations from North to South and east to west in all corners of the world VA Teknik possesses extensive expertise. ...
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RCBC - Rotary Cascading Bed Combustor - Waste to Energy
by RCBC Global Inc
Revolutionary Waste-to-Energy System turns all waste to energy. Investment turnover 4 million first year of operations. Produces energy for less than 2 mil per megawatt hour. EPA approved. ASME approved. Hartford Ins. Co insured. Tested for 61 dif fuels. ...
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Nomadic - BioSolids Management Systems
by Nomadic Systems Inc.
NOMADIC mobile sewage treatment systems typically include an automated activated sludge return process to maximize biological degradation of the biosolids and sludge.
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FINN - Alternative Daily Cover for Landfill Applications
by FINN Corporation
FINN Waste Cover is an Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) manufactured from recycled paper and wood and containing polymers, an enzyme complex, and other proprietary ingredients. When mixed with water in a FINN landfill spray application machine, the black ...
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AEREON - Specialty/Custom Incineration Systems
AEREON`s specialty/custom incineration systems are engineered and tailored to suit the end user process and emission requirements. Below are some of our specialty incineration systems: Denoxidizers - thermal oxidation systems for nitrogen bearing compounds ...
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Strategic and Tactical Marketing Communications Services
by PennWell Corporation
Do you have a new product to launch? Or a brand that just needs revitalizing? We’re your partners from start to finish. Our team of marketing strategists understands the value of listening and learning all there is to know about you. Then we research ...
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