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  May 18, 2009

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Floating Aerators
By Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc.
The most efficient floating wastewater�aerator available. We advertise 30 - 40% more gpm than any other mfg. advertises. Passed a M&E specified test that others failed. EEE, the best in appearance, the best in construction, the best in performance, the best warranty and longest life. 15-20 years without failure under normal conditions. Full Ten Year Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Diffusers 400% heavier than competition. No spray back on motor ...
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The Geochemist`s Workbench Professional 8.0
By RockWare, Inc.
The complete set of aqueous geochemistry tools: reaction balancing, activity diagrams, aqueous speciation, piper/stiff diagrams, reaction path modeling, 1D/2D transport modeling! Over the past 15 years, The Geochemist`s Workbench name has become synonymous with geochemical modeling. The GWB is now in use at more than 500 companies, universities, and research institutions worldwide. Now in release 6, The Geochemist`s Workbench is available in 3 tiers, each tier with ...
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By Fluid Dynamics International Ltd
Colloid-A-Tron consists of a pipe with a special alloy core inserted inside. The unit comes in different sizes and screwed or flanged as required - (see the specifications) . In order to prevent scale from forming in a piece of equipment the CAT is installed in the pipe lines which feeds water to it. The secret of its success is found in the core - its shape, its composition and a combination of the pressure changes and turbulence that the special design causes.
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SRS� - Slow Release Substrate
By Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI)
SRS� - Slow Release Substrate is a patented engineered product for the reductive dechlorination of chlorinated solvents (e.g., PCE, TCE, cis-DCE, TCA, and 1,2 DCA) or any anaerobically degradable substance (perchlorate, TNT, RDX, etc.).� The substrate package is a low viscosity liquid that contains a combination of slow and fast release electron donors and required nutrients.� SRS� is a vegetable oil based substrate package that is used by naturally occurring microorganisms ...
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Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks: Compliance for the Future
By Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training LLC
Focused training for personnel responsible for managing underground and aboveground storage tanks in various applications including vehicle fueling, heating oil, emergency generators and varied industrial applications, both petroleum and chemical. The Storage Tanks course covers the full range of storage tank management.
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By Oil Skimmers, Inc.
The decanter is designed to permit minute droplets of water removed by the skimming system to be returned to the area being skimmed.
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By Fluid Dynamics International Ltd
Limescale is the precipitation of calcium salts especially in hard water areas when water is heated or there is a pressure drop, causing hard scale to form in pipes, taps, washing machines, shower heads and combination boilers. Limescale combines with soap making it lather less. It leaves tidemarks on baths, sinks, basins, toilets and taps that are difficult to remove.
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By Hofstetter Umwelttechnik AG
The HOFGAS- APM is a complete pump and flare station for the safe and economic treatment of gas from anaerobic fermentation. Apart from the plant components, a detailed regulation and operational concept is supplied for the specific adaptation to the particular process. In particular, the discharge pressure for recovery is regulated and the signal exchange between all involved components is supported. The flare HOFGAS- IFL4c is used for the surplus gas. It offers ...
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