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  May 31, 2010

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Electrodeionization Systems
By Agape Water Solutions, Inc.
Agape Water Solutions, Inc. provides EDI (electrodeionization) or CDI (continuous electrodeionization) system which purifies water using electricity to regenerate ion exchange resin. This technology eliminates the hazardous acid and caustic required in chemically regenerated mixed bed ion exchange.
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Eutek SlurryCup
By Hydro International-Wastewater
The “all-hydraulic” design of the Eutek SlurryCup has no internal moving parts, which increases reliability. Two levels of “washing” produces clean grit ready for dewatering. Failure to effectively remove all grit abrasives results in downstream plugging and excessive wear on mechanical equipment. 
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Package Sewage Treatment Plants
By Microbac Ltd
Skid mounted sewage treatment packages based on submerged, aerated fixed-film technology can be provided for the treatment of domestic and commercial wastewaters arising from accommodation complexes and mass catering establishments. The relatively small footprint offers benefits where space is at a premium, e.g. on oil platforms and ships. 
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Waterix AIRIT Micro
By Waterix Oy
The Waterix AIRIT Micro aerator is intended for use in places requiring small amounts of oxygen. Despite its compact size, the Waterix AIRIT Micro dissolves up to 10.8 kg of oxygen in a twenty-four hour period. The device weighs only 12 kg and may easily be transported by car. Waterix Micro is equipped with a single-phase motor, so it can be connected to any electricity network. If necessary, the Waterix Micro may be equipped with a sufficiently ...
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Clearwater MBBR
Our capabilities for providing optimal water treatment solutions span into many industries, ranging from Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment and Aquaculture. Createch Aqua is dedicated to provide the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions to our clients. Either directly or through our business cooperation partners, you can rely on Createch Aqua as a serious partner in water treatment, capable of providing virtually a complete ...
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By Premier Tech Aqua
Reliable and compact, the Rotofix can be adapted to any type of project! The slow, controlled, continuous action of the Rotofix imitates the principle of a waterfall. Its operating principle is simple and effective. The Rotofix is an ideal wastewater treatment system, well adapted to commercial, community and municipal applications.
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By EnviroSim Associates Ltd.
The latest version of our interactive dynamic simulator for municipal wastewater treatment systems. BioWin is a Microsoft Windows-based simulator used world-wide in the analysis and design of wastewater treatment systems. The figure shows an example of a nutrient removal system configuration set up in BioWin. Many different process units can be included to `build` a specific treatment plant configuration.
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DTS-12 Turbidity Sensor
The DTS-12 is the first sensor to make turbidity monitoring practical. The value of continuously monitoring turbidity has long been recognized, but it’s always been difficult, inaccurate, expensive, labor-intensive, and therefore often dismissed as too impractical. The DTS-12 is different—we state with confidence that it’s the “world’s best” because its unique design delivers extremely low maintenance (just clean and re-calibrate ...
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Well Sounder 2010 - Portable Well Water Level Measurement
By Eno Scientific
The Well Sounder 2010 is a simple to use self-contained portable acoustic ranging instrument designed specifically to find the distance through a pipe or bore hole to an obstruction which could be the surface of water in the hole or the dry bottom. The product consists of a control unit and a probe. The control unit contains the driver electronics, processor, display, keypad and 6 AA batteries. Internal non-volatile memory is included to record system settings, calibration ...
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KEMA Biofouling Monitor
By KEMA Technical & Operational Services
The KEMA Biofouling Monitor (KBM) is a tool for monitoring settlement and growth of all kind fouling organisms during the seasons. The KBM is installed as a by-pass of the cooling water system. It enables easy sampling by operators to register the efficacy of the anti fouling regime. Monitoring of settlement and growth of unwanted organisms and the efficacy of applied mitigation procedures is an important issue in cooling water fouling.
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TOC - TOC1500(HP)
By Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd
Peak Scientifics’ TOC Gas Generators produce up to 1500cc/min of carrier/ combustion gas from your in-house compressed air supply. With many models of TOC Analyzers on the market, Peak Scientific developed two different Products. For NPOC (Non-purgeable organic carbon) we recommend our TOC1500. For the TC-IC process we recommend our TOC1500HP. 
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Geoweb Channel Protection System
By Presto Geosystems
The Presto Geoweb channel protection system provides a wide variety of economical, flexible protection treatments for open channels and hydraulic structures. The system provides stability and protection of channels exposed to erosive conditions ranging from low-to-high flows, either intermittent or continuous.
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Hydra Probe II Soil Sensor (Digital SDI-12 / RS485)
By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.
Stevens Hydra Probe II is an in-situ soil sensing system that measures 21 different soil parameters simultaneously, with digital output. The Hydra Probe instantly calculates soil moisture, conductivity, salinity, and temperature as well as supplying voltage outputs for research applications.
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Ivey-Sol Surfactant Technology
By EnviroLogek Technologies
Ivey-sol Surfactant Technology is comprised of several patented and preparatory non-ionic surfactant formulations that have the unique ability to selectively desorb and liberate sorbed (i.e., absorbed and adsorbed) petroleum hydrocarbons (LNAPL), chlorinated solvents (DNAPL), and certain heavy metal contaminants from soil and fractured bedrock surfaces. The addition of Iveysol to the substrate can aid in the controlled de-sorption of the contaminants making them ...
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Crisafulli Rotomite Dredges
By SRS Crisafulli,Inc. (Crisafulli Pump Company)
Self-propelled diesel dredges can dredge about anywhere without cumbersome cabling. Crisafulli builds diesel powered, self-propelled, maneuverable, manned Rotomite dredges to provide customers with maximum versatility, ease of use, economy, and productivity for a wide range of applications in five market sectors - industry (including utilities),  municipalities,  dredging contractors, state and federal government agencies, and agriculture. Crisafulli customers ...
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Solar Pump Series
By Freytech Inc.
Solar Powered Water Pump Stations. For commercial, agricultural/irrigation and drinking water use. Operational down to 800 feet (244 meters) for underground wells. Flow rates: 21 to 1,526 Cubic Meters per Day (CMD) to / 3.9 - 280 Gallons per Minute (GPM). 
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