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December 23, 2010

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EU weakens fuel efficiency standards for vans
The automotive industry, backed by the governments of Germany, Italy and France has succeeded in severely weakening an EU law setting CO2 standards for new vans. The deal, agreed this evening at a behind-closed-doors meeting of representatives of the European Commission, Parliament and member states, will lead to higher fuel costs for millions of small businesses across Europe and runs counter to evidence of rapid progress in car emissions in recent years according to Transport & Environment (T&E).

The `trilogue` agreement (1) between representatives of the three European ...
The role of shipping in Mitigating climate change
The Port of Seattle has worked hard to shrink its carbon footprint, implementing energy saving measures and programs to encourage environmentally friendly practices by visiting ships. But just down the Washington coast, the Port of Longview has proposed a plan that would make it the export hub of dirty coal bound for China. What does this mean for our global environment and what kind of precedent would it set for future pollution exporters?  The Port of Seattle’s CEO, Tay Yoshitani wants to run the greenest port in the country. Now that companies like Walmart and Costco are measuring ...

KLIMAWENT S.A. develops the traditions and the field of ventilation connected with supplying people with clean air on their work places, became a passion that dominated our live. We further and further develop and experience it, sharing it among our cooperators and Customers.

KLIMAWENT, based on numeric controlled machines, ensures unlimited possibilities in fulfilling the requirements and needs of our Customers in the field of ventilation. Our assortment amounts in over 120 carefully prepared products, being our own solution, carried out by our team of engineers. All solutions passed successfully the tests in the KLIMAWENT Research and Development Laboratory.

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