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June 05, 2008

This Week�s Featured News Stories
Uranium `will supply` nuclear energy market for next 100 years - report
Amid heightened international interest in nuclear energy, countries are paying closer attention to a finite resource that helps to make nuclear power possible: uranium. A report released this week finds that new discoveries and re-evaluations of known conventional uranium resources will be adequate to supply nuclear energy needs for at least 100 years at present consumption level. Growing demand and higher prices have spurred greater investment in exploration and led to larger identified conventional uranium resources over the past two years.  These are among the many findings in Uranium ...
US$100m pilot program in China to promote energy efficiency
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is funding a pilot program in Guangdong to bring energy-efficient technology to major power consumers in the heavily industrialized southern province of Guangdong, the People�s Republic of China (PRC). Under the Guangdong Energy Efficiency and Environment Improvement Investment Program, ADB is providing long-term, low-cost financing in the form of a US$100 million multi-tranche loan to the Guangdong Provincial Government (GPG). GPG will use the funds to grant loans to major energy consumers, funding projects to retrofit plants and buildings with energy-efficient ...
ClimateCHECK is an established leader of innovative GHG management services and products that achieve the double dividends of environmental and economic benefits. ClimateCHECK has a full service matrix offering - that is our services include consulting, validation, verification, training, and management and our market segments include carbon-neutral products, company and supply chain carbon footprints, new GHG technologies, GHG projects, company GHG inventory and management systems, as well as GHG programs. ClimateCHECK collaborates with a large network of experts in research and not-for-profit organizations in working with companies to develop the knowledge and tools to manage GHG risks and opportunities. ClimateCHECK was founded to respond to the growing demand for credible and practical climate change services, to attain the double dividend of environmental and economic benefits for customers and stakeholders. ClimateCHECK offers innovative and practical assurance, consulting, and management solutions to customers for their climate change activities and assertions.

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