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August 04, 2011

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Hertz turns to plant oils to squelch stinky cars
One of the most common complaints in the car rental industry is the smell of some vehicles, which can make you wonder what went on behind the wheel before you were handed the keys.  The Hertz Corp. is tackling the dilemma with a biodegradable, non-toxic product that saps the stench from stinky rental cars without comprising air quality or aggravating allergies -- and so safe that the sales team of its maker, OMI Industries, will spray it into their own eyes to prove a point. Hertz is rolling out its odor-free fleet program with Fresh Wave IAQ, a product that will be used at 72 North American ...
EPA publishes rule to improve reporting of chemical information
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is increasing the type and amount of information it collects on commercial chemicals from chemical manufacturers, allowing the Agency to better identify and manage potential risks to Americans’ health and the environment. The improved rule, known as the chemical data reporting Rule (CDR), also requires that companies submit the information electronically to EPA, rather than on paper, and limits confidentiality claims by companies. The changes are part of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s commitment to strengthen the agency’s chemical management ...
Oil spill cleanup: fast and efficient with CocoAbsorb organic Spill Absorbent

CocoAbsorb LLC, based in Utah now has national USA/Canada distribution for their amazing Organic Universal Absorbents.
Pound for pound, CocoAbsorb will absorb 4 x more than clay absorbents. Watch amazing videos of how easily CocoAbsorb deals with all types of spills.

Nothing beats CocoAbsorb to clean up oil spills. I like the absorption rate of this product, it just sucks up anything that we have used it on. I highly recommend it to any fire department for their spill control needs” says David Wade – Deputy Fire Chief, North View Fire District.

CocoAbsorb is non-carcinogenic and approved for landfill disposal.

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