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February 05, 2009

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Living near parks can improve health, say researchers
The health gap between richer and poorer residents is halved in areas with access to green space such as parks, river corridors and playing fields, according to new research. Mortality rates were clearly linked to levels of exposure to green space in this large scale study. The researchers investigated records on more than 360,000 deaths from all causes in England, in the period 2001-2005. Deaths among those above retirement age (60 for women and 65 for men) were excluded. Income-related deprivation and access to green space was assessed via area of residence. Access was defined as the proportion ...
Estimating exposure to excessive noise in cities
The 2002 Environmental Noise Directive seeks to provide a uniform basis for measuring and addressing noise pollution, one of the most important urban environmental issues for the EU. New research has assessed city-dwellers` exposure to noise and proposes traffic management strategies to reduce harmful levels. Clear evidence is growing for wide-ranging negative health effects of noise pollution, including emotional responses such as anger, anxiety and depression, learning difficulties, motivation and attention problems (particularly in children) and heart disease. All may be related to sleep disturbance, ...
Conformance Check Inc.
Prepare your Regulatory Compliance Assessments in Minutes! Conformance Check provides your Environmental, Health and Safety compliance audit solution. EHS Auditor� is the ultimate tool to assist you with facility assessment with its pre-built customizable EHS compliance & management system questionnaires derived from US and Canadian EHS regulations, key international standards (ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, Responsible Care), & your corporate directives. Disperse and manage audits with Self Assessment Module, then track and resolve findings with Audit Response Tracking Program. Increase your internal audit team`s depth & expertise with our �in-house� or web-delivered user courses, or our 3 day internal & 5 day EMS Auditor courses. Need extra assistance? Our custom criteria development service will analyze your documents & formulate concise English language audit questions with explanatory audit notes and reference sections. EHS MS Implementation also available from

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