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December 10, 2009

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New substances on REACH Candidate list - big impact on electronics production
The European Chemicals Agency ECHA adds 15 new substances of very high concern to the Candidate List. The change will be effective from January 2010 with implications for the electronics industry. ECHA will include the 15 substances in the Candidate List in January 2010. Some of the substances are used mainly in the production of chemicals, but others are relevant to the needs of the electronics industry. For example diisobutyl phthalate, which is widely used as a plasticiser in plastics, lacquers and adhesives. All these are applications common in the electronics industry. Other chemical substances ...
Melting glaciers free trapped pollutants
Melting glaciers in the Swiss Alps are releasing pollutants that have been frozen in the ice for decades. A recent study suggests that by accelerating global ice loss, global warming is likely to increase environmental contamination with persistent organic compounds that are no longer widely used, such as PCBs and DDT. Persistent organic pollutants are chemicals that can travel long distances in the atmosphere and once deposited can remain in the environment for many years. They accumulate in the food web, affecting the health of living organisms. Examples include PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), ...
3E Company
3E Company is the leader in Hazardous Material Information Management. 3E Company provides a full range of hazardous material information services ranging from MSDS management and chemical spill advisement to regulatory reporting. Our philosophy is to provide simple compliance solutions that keep our customers safe.

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