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December 23, 2010

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The role of shipping in Mitigating climate change
The Port of Seattle has worked hard to shrink its carbon footprint, implementing energy saving measures and programs to encourage environmentally friendly practices by visiting ships. But just down the Washington coast, the Port of Longview has proposed a plan that would make it the export hub of dirty coal bound for China. What does this mean for our global environment and what kind of precedent would it set for future pollution exporters?  The Port of Seattle’s CEO, Tay Yoshitani wants to run the greenest port in the country. Now that companies like Walmart and Costco are measuring ...
Europe`s sewage treatment plants could be transformed into energy-generating powerhouses by 2030
The international research project commissioned by STOWA, the Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research, found that it would be technologically possible to upgrade existing sewage works to become energy-neutral or even energy-generating.  The report recommends that techniques to enhance the primary sedimentation of waste water by adding chemicals can create an energy-neutral plant, before the deployment of energy-generating techniques such as thermal hydrolysis of waste can be deployed.  The first such facility is currently being built in Utrecht, although other Dutch water authorities ...
The Wercs Ltd.

The Wercs, Ltd. is a software development company located in Latham, NY, that provides MSDS software tools and services to help organizations author, manage, and distribute Material Safety Data Sheets, Labels, and various documents required under OSHA, EU Directives, and other regulatory bodies worldwide. In addition to keeping compliant with regulations, The WERCS and its chemical industry executive clients are concerned with the health and safety of all employees, consumers, and employees of other business partners throughout the supply chain. Wercs provides advanced tools to assist companies in complying with EU's REACH, as well as the new GHS standards. Wercs Professional Services (WPS) also provides outsourced services to assist companies in the creation of MSDSs compliant all around the world.

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