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June 10, 2009

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Fuel Cells � A technology we can all agree on
National organizations representing health, environmental and energy policy interests joined four national trade associations this week in calling for the restoration of the federal hydrogen and fuel cell research and deployment program. �Fuel cells are essential to achieving national goals for energy security, sustainability and global competitiveness,� the organizations wrote in a letter to the House and Senate Energy & Water Appropriations Subcommittee leadership.   The seven groups are the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM), American Lung Association (ALA), Electric Drive ...
Using lasers to detect explosives and hazardous waste
A soldier in a humvee aims a portable device at an abandoned car 50 meters away (more than 150 feet). Pressing a button, a laser in the device fires. She reads a screen, and beckons her patrol to move away quickly. In a lab, a technician is inserting a fragment of a toy into a sample case, inserting it into a machine, and pressing a button. He inserts one fragment after another�each test takes only a few seconds. The paint on some of the toy fragments are testing positive for lead.  Another technician, this time at an abandoned industrial facility, is collecting samples of concrete, metal ...
Integrated Solution for Endocrine Disrupting Compound Analysis

Analyze EDCs at low ppt with high sample throughput. Streamline MRM acquisition methods development process and rapidly identify intra-batch anomalies.

Download Waters� application note.

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