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February 04, 2010

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Topsoil could vanish in 60 years, says study
Fertile soil is being lost faster than it can be replenished making it much harder to grow crops around the world, according to a study by the University of Sydney. The study, reported in the Daily Telegraph, claims bad soil mismanagement, climate change and rising populations are leading to a decline in suitable farming soil. An estimated 75 billion tonnes of soil is lost annually with more than 80 per cent of the world`s farming land `moderately or severely eroded,` the report found. Soil is being lost in China 57 times faster than it can be replaced through natural processes, in Europe 17 times ...
Is iron from soil a factor in algal blooms?
Australia`s own distinctive red soils could play a part in the formation of the stinking swathes of blue-green algae often shovelled off east coast beaches in summer. A QUT team of scientists is taking an in-depth look at how iron, which gives our iron-rich soil its red colour, reaches water to potentially contribute to the algal blooms, which not only have a foul smell, but also make our eyes sting, cause fish kills and smother seagrass.  Their research is centred on the catchment of Poona Creek on the Fraser Coast which drains into Great Sandy Strait -- a dugong sanctuary and an internationally ...
TRS Group, Inc. (TRS)
TRS Group, Inc. (TRS) formerly Thermal Remediation Services, offers its clients the skill and knowledge of the most experienced staff in the world at providing in situ thermal remediation services using Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH). Our personnel have a proven track record of safe and timely performance on projects for DOE, DoD, and other public and private clients. We have a combined 30+ years of successful project experience in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of ERH systems for soil and groundwater remediation of chlorinated VOCs and fuel hydrocarbons including subsurface NAPLs.

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