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February 11, 2010

This Week�s Featured News Stories
Report: 38 per cent of land faces desertification
Over a third of the world`s land could be turned into desert, according to a new report published in the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment that warns increased rates of desertification could have a huge impact on global food and water supplies. In a series of two papers, authors from the Institute of Agro Food Research and Technology (IRTA) included the impact of desertification in lifecycle analyses of land use impact to ascertain how much land was at risk.  They assessed aridity, erosion, the risk of fire, and overuse of aquifers, as parameters leading to desertification, ...
NGWA and GWPC to hold April meeting to explore �Groundwater for a Thirsty World�
The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) and the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) will hold a joint meeting April 11-15 in Denver to explore the application of science and practice to the theme, �Groundwater for a Thirsty World.� The meeting is designed to bring together regulators, practitioners, natural resource managers, policymakers, municipal planners, banking industry representatives, remediation site owners, attorneys, climatologists, and those who supply knowledge and technology needed to address key water issues. The invited keynote speaker is Lisa P. Jackson, administrator, ...
CL Solutions, LLC
CL Solutions provides products for bioaugmentation to destroy organic contamiants in soil and ground water. Our main products are Cl-Out for the aerobic cometabolism of chlorinated solvents and Petrox for the direct metabolism of petroleum hydrocarbons. The benefit of bioaugmentation using our products is that project risk is reduced by eliminating the guesswork associated with bioremediation. Removing the project risk also improves the speed and cost effectivness of remediation.

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