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January 14, 2010

This Week�s Featured News Stories
Figuring out where to put the carbon
To meet our immediate energy needs without exacerbating climate change, most experts agree, we�ll need to find a way to store the carbon dioxide given off by the combustion of coal, oil and natural gas. But no full-scale storage systems exist, and the plans to create them have many unknowns. New projects at MIT could help to fill that information gap. At the American Geophysical Union�s fall meeting last month in San Francisco, two teams explained how they are addressing some of the uncertainties over carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). Many scientists view CCS as a promising way to dramatically ...
Soil scientists in Afghanistan
As part of USDA�s effort to support the Afghanistan military campaign, Operation Enduring Freedom, the Natural Resources Conservation Service�National Soil Survey Laboratory (NRCS-NSSL), working in partnership with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) developed an agreement to sample soils; teach local nationals about soil and water conservation, soil sampling, and techniques for describing a soil; and also promote capacity building of the agricultural sector in Afghanistan. This article published in the Winter issue of Soil Survey Horizons relates the experience from the point of view ...
Travaini Pumps USA
Travaini is a world class supplier of vacuum pumps and systems. A commitment to follow our principles of excellence in design and engineering combined with total quality in building lasting product performance. Our people`s expertise in vacuum technology coupled with unsurpassed service keep us focused on our job-solving your pumping and systems problems. Experience the Travaini difference.

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