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October 16, 2009

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EPA plans to develop interim preliminary remediation goals for dioxin in soil
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking public comment on a plan to develop interim preliminary remediation goals (PRGs) for dioxin in soil at Superfund sites. The plan includes a review of current dioxin cleanup guidance that has been established by the EPA, states and other countries, including the latest fully peer-reviewed dioxin toxicity assessments. EPA will release the draft interim PRGs for public comment in December 2009, and anticipates issuing the final interim PRGs in June 2010. EPA is currently undertaking a reassessment of dioxin, the results of which are expected to ...
World Food Day � CSIRO rising to the challenges
`There needs to be another �agricultural revolution� where we see an increase in productivity, but with more efficient water, energy and nutrient use and without sending more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,` says the Director of CSIRO�s Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, Dr Brian Keating. Taking into account population growth, economic development and food consumption growth in developing countries, modest expansion of biofuel production and continuing high levels of food loss and wastage, it has been estimated that world demand for food over the next 50 years will be greater than over the ...
Agilent J&W High Efficiency Capillary Columns
Get faster analysis times � 30% - 90% faster, depending on column dimensions and carrier gas � without upgrading your current system!� Agilent J&W High Efficiency Capillary Columns are just one example of how Agilent�s continuous innovation helps you to be more productive. The narrower diameter and shorter lengths combine to increase efficiency and reduce run times without a loss of resolution.� They are suitable for all detectors, work with helium or hydrogen carrier gases, and are available in a wide range of phases, allowing for quick and easy method translation.� Now, try them risk free!Click here for more information.

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