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September 16, 2010

This Week�s Featured News Stories
REGENESIS Granted Patent for Microemulsion Bioremediation Product 3DMe�
The unique 3DMe molecular structure and microemulsion promotes wide-area transport in aquifer systems, requiring less substrate and fewer injection points for effective contaminant treatment  SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. - REGENESIS, a leading innovator of advanced, cost-effective groundwater and soil remediation technologies, was recently granted U.S. Patent 7,667,062 for 3-D Microemulsion (3DMe®), a proven groundwater remediation technology specifically designed to penetrate ...
Joule Awarded Patent on Renewable Diesel Production from Sunlight and CO2 - Breakthrough process overcomes the costs and complexities of biomass-to-fuel
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Joule Unlimited, Inc., pioneer of Liquid Fuel from the Sun™, today announced the issuance of a U.S. patent covering its breakthrough conversion of sunlight and waste carbon dioxide (CO2) directly into liquid hydrocarbons that are fungible with conventional diesel fuel. Unlike biofuel processes that require costly intermediates such as sugar, algal or agricultural biomass, Joule is the first to achieve and patent a direct, single-step, continuous process for the production of hydrocarbon fuels requiring no raw material feedstocks – setting the stage for fossil fuel ...
New Ultra Inert GC Column Innovation

Agilent J&W continues their ultra inert innovations with the new DB-35ms Ultra Inert GC column --- a mid-polar column joining the existing apolar columns in the family, DB/HP-1ms and DB/HP-5ms.

With the addition of this new column to the family, ultra inert performance is available for applications where mid-polar selectivity is needed for enhanced separations, especially important for pesticide analysis and drugs of abuse testing. So chemists can quantify components at a lower level, have broader linearity, and optimize their separation by choosing the right selectivity…ultimately increasing their productivity.  Learn more about how this new GC column can increase your productivity.

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