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April 22, 2010

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Biofilm-Based Bioremediation Technology Addresses Major Environmental Obstacles of Marcellus Shale Drilling - Treatment of Frac Water and Prevention of Acid Mine Drainage
PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Frac Biologics, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based company formed to provide innovative, cost-effective treatment of �frac water� and acid mine drainage announced today that it has licensed proprietary biofilm technologies from Allegheny-Singer Research Institute (ASRI), a non-profit, independent research institute and member of the West Penn Allegheny Health System (WPAHS).   The Marcellus Shale is the largest natural gas formation in North America, with an estimated value of over one trillion dollars. ...
Is oxygen overrated when it comes to in-situ hydrocarbon remediation? Let`s take a look at a few of the facts.
Fact:� Many millions of dollars are spent annually to artificially add oxygen to the subsurface of fuel contaminated sites by either chemical or mechanical means.� Most fuel-contaminated sites are naturally anaerobic, so oxygen is often added to stimulate the indigenous bacteria to �eat� the contamination.� When the added oxygen is inevitably depleted again, the indigenous bacteria quit eating and remediation slows to a halt.� Fact:� Adding oxygen would be pretty silly if there were a way to remediate subsurface contamination without the constant addition of ...
CL Solutions, LLC
CL Solutions provides products for bioaugmentation to destroy organic contaminants in soil and ground water. Our main products are Cl-Out for the aerobic cometabolism of chlorinated solvents and Petrox for the direct metabolism of petroleum hydrocarbons. The benefit of bioaugmentation using our products is that project risk is reduced by eliminating the guesswork associated with bioremediation. Removing the project risk also improves the speed and cost effectivness of remediation.

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