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August 20, 2009

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EA warns packaging producer compliance schemes to comply with obligations
The Environment Agency has written a letter to UK packaging producer compliance schemes to warn them to comply with their 2009 packaging waste obligations. Packaging chain companies are obliged to hold Packaging Recovery Notes, as evidence that their legal responsibility to recover and recycle has been fulfilled. A PRN is a document that provides evidence that a waste reprocessor has turned waste packaging back into a new product. The PRN system also works to support exporters and domestic reprocessors with funds to increase their collection capacity and infrastructure, in order to reach recovery ...
Mining the sea of plastic
Earlier this month, two ships sailed from California to study a large patch of the Pacific Ocean, known as the `plastic vortex,` where maritime currents are causing plastic litter to congregate. Scientists aboard will try to determine how much plastic is in the vortex and its impact on marine life. They will also consider whether it can be recovered. One of the ships is a sailboat named Kaisei; it has a crew of seven people. Kaisei belongs to the Ocean Voyages Institute, a nongovernmental organization that is backing Project Kaisei, another California-based NGO dedicated to studying the plastic ...
AVA econ industries GmbH u. Co. KG
Hazardous and industrial waste technologies are our profession. The AVA VacuDry Units - a thermal desorption process working with high temperature and lowest vacuum - are state-of-the-art for treating mercury, hydocarbon, PCB, solvent polluted sludge and soils. Also Solidification Units to stabilise inorganic ashes, dust and sludge as well as sterilising systems for hospital waste we also offer.

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