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August 13, 2009

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High levels of estrogens discovered in some industrial wastewater
In a groundbreaking study, civil engineering researchers in the University of Minnesota`s Institute of Technology have discovered that certain industries may be a significant source of plant-based estrogens, called phytoestrogens, in surface water. They also revealed that some of these phytoestrogens can be removed through standard wastewater treatment, but in some cases, the compounds remain at levels that may be damaging to fish. Civil engineering associate professor Paige Novak and her graduate student researcher Mark Lundgren studied wastewater streams from 19 different industrial sites in ...
Consequences of climate change and flood protection
As a city on the tide-exposed Elbe, the risk of flooding for Hamburg, is ever-present, particularly from storm floods. Around one-third of the city area is regarded as being at risk of flooding. Holger Poser, Head of Department of Disaster Management and Civil Protection Ministry of the Interior, will describe at the acqua alta conference, how the city prepares for the constant threat.   Such important communication with the citizens is dealt with explicitly at the `Operations Management and Communication` Round Table. Professor Walter Leal, Head of the Research and Transfer Centre, `Applications ...
Kaufmann Umwelttechnik
KAUFMANN UMWELTTECHNIK, founded 1982 is an independent and worldwide active company for development, production and sale of high-graded ozone generators and ozonation systems for vitually each ozone application (potable water, waste water, industrial application, swimming pool water, bottling water etc.) The innovative modular design with our worldwide unique individual fused electrodes for the generators guarantee highest efficiency, operation safety and reliability.

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