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August 16, 2018
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MARWIS supports efficient de-icing of aircrafts
Let´s think about a wintry scene at the Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, NL): De-iceing machines surrounding an aircraft engulfed in clouds of smoke. Workers are using large-nozzle hosepipes to douse the aircraft in a special fluid that will de-ice it and keep it de-iced so that it can safely depart. ...

Air Quality Monitoring
Why monitor air quality? Well, to monitor is to know. Everything else is just more or less qualified guesses. International, national and local air quality targets and limits are also tied to monitoring results. What is Air Quality?How is air quality characterised? It is quite common to find air quality ...
Latest Articles, Papers & Reports

Development of on-line and field dual TD-GC-FID/MS for automatic and continuous ambient air and odor monitoring
Ambient air is polluted by many Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) coming from anthropogenic and natural sources. VOCs from PAMS, T014 and T015 lists can be measured in many ranges of concentration, from ng/m3 up to mg/m3 depending on the location of the measurements. Due to the large number of molecules, ...

TOC and TN Measurements of Seawater
For pollution control of the ocean and in the research of the ocean environment, the measurement of total organic carbon (TOC) is regarded as an important index of organic contaminants contained in seawater. At the same time, the measurement of total nitrogen (TN), which is known to cause eutrophication, ...

When Do I Need A Remote Level Transmitter?
The word “remote” is used rather loosely in the world of industrial sensors. It can refer to anything that is removed by any distance from ...

Finding Air Pollution Solutions by Tracking Particulates and Gases
An estimated 95% of people live in areas where outdoor fine particulate concentrations exceed the air quality guideline of 10 µg/m3 set by the World ...

Upcoming Events
The International Association for Plant Biotechnology Congress 2018
Dublin - Ireland
Aug. 19 - 24, 2018
The IAPB or International Association for Plant Biotechnology (IAPB was founded in 1963, the IAPB hosts a quadrennial congresses – the next takes place in Dublin, Ireland in August 2018. The association has as its objectives, to promote plant biotechnology, including cell and tissue culture applications. ...
Hands on Complete GC & GC-MS
Milton Keynes - United Kingdom
Sep. 3 - 7, 2018
This course provides the theory of the GC and MS essential to any participant, along with the hands-on practical element in the laboratory to practice and re-enforce the theoretical knowledge. These courses are 50% theory and 50% practical in a lab environment. This course addresses gases and plumbing, ...
Aquatech Mexico 2018
Mexico City - Mexico
Sep. 4 - 6, 2018
Experience Mexico`s largest event for water technology in Mexico City, 4 - 6 September 2018! For 3 days, all experts, regional market leaders and world wide professionals searching for solutions will visit Aquatech Mexico, to discuss ...
ICIA 2018 1st International Conference on Ion Analysis
Berlin - Germany
Sep. 9 - 13, 2018
ICIA 2018 will tie in with the concept of its forerunner (i.e. Conference on Ion Analysis, CIA) that has established as a unique platform for the meeting of scientists from universities, research centers, industry and governmental ...
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