Waste & Recycling
July 12, 2018
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Others may see waste we see fuel!
Over recent times there has been a growing debate about the vast amounts of waste that modern living generates.  The main arguments surround firstly the sheer volume of today’s waste accumulation; and secondly the difficulties, cost and the environmental impact involved in the disposal of ...

Plastic-free tea bag technology Fiber+
Many of us don’t know that plastic is widely used in tea bags. In traditional tea bags plastic is used to allow the sealing. In some cases, even the entire tea bag could be made of plastic. To reduce the use of plastic, we have developed a plastic-free tea bag. We developed a technology called ...
Latest Articles, Papers & Reports

Quebec City Landfill Veolia Biogas - Case Study
About the Project Leader in the management of solid waste, Veolia materials residual is established in the Quebec region for over forty years. 22 600 tonnes are produced and beneficially used each year, which in total translate to 300 000 tonnes of organic matter diverted from landfills ...

Sludge dewatering in Circular Economy
The change of mentality to a circular economy has revealed the importance of reusing and energy recovery from sludge as secondary raw material Circular economy and re-use of waste materials Nowadays, the rise of the circular economy and the progressive abandon of the linear economy (throwaway ...

LIFE+ Lo2x Project - Case Study
The European Commission’s LIFE+ programme has funded a project to install a sustainable technology ...

Recovering valuable oil at Aceitunas Guadalquivir, Seville, Spain - Case Study
How to make brine treatment efficient and profitable?ANDRITZ separators - a sustainable solution Separator S Model CA 41-S The challenge: Reducing ...

Upcoming Events
Power-Gen & Distributech Africa 2018
Johannesburg - South Africa
Jul. 17 - 19, 2018
POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa is the electricity industry’s forum that brings together international business leaders and technical experts committed to POWERING UP A CONTINENT. Featuring a comprehensive conference programme and extensive exhibit floor, the event spans all aspects of centralised ...
12th European Waste Water Management (EWWM) Conference & Exhibition
Manchester - United Kingdom
Jul. 17 - 18, 2018
Stimulating new ideas on all aspects of the wastewater treatment cycle from the sewer to discharge of final effluent and the impacts on receiving watercourses. The conference provides a forum for practitioners and researchers to meet and discuss the needs and interests of the European water industry. ...
WWT Sustainable Water Conference 2018
Birmingham - United Kingdom
Sep. 18, 2018
The flagship event for water industry professionals investing in long-term sustainability and shaping the future of the sector
Unconventional Resources Technology
Texas - Texas (USA)
Jul. 23 - 25, 2018
 As the industry starts its recovery from a long downturn and the resulting stranglehold on unconventional reservoirs, the timing of this meeting on unconventional resource technology couldn’t be better.
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