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October 18, 2018
Latest News Stories

Kick-off pilot project - More grip on water quality in agriculture
Together with Water Board Aa en Maas, farmers, knowledge institutes and technology companies, Eijkelkamp Soil & Water started a pilot project about getting more grip on water quality in agriculture with online measuring. On Wednesday 3rd October the pilot project started with a official kick-off. ...

Donít Just Replace a Check Valve, Upgrade It!
Just over 300 miles northwest of Santa Monica, CA, where the world’s first marine outfall was installed in 1910, check valves are being re-designed and engineered for outfalls all over the world. Outfalls – which are essentially discharge points of a waste stream into rivers, drains, sewers, ...
Latest Articles, Papers & Reports

High frequency monitoring needed to protect UK rivers - Case Study
The science behind nutrient pollution in rivers is still poorly understood despite the fact that nitrate and phosphate concentrations in the UK’s rivers are mostly unacceptable, although an element of uncertainty exists about what an acceptable level actually is. Key to improving our understanding ...

Industry, Municipalities Embracing Water Reuse
When cities produce recycled water and sell it to industries at a good price, it’s a win-win situation In the United States, industry accounts for 87% of withdrawals of fresh water. Considering this staggering statistic, along with increasingly unpredictable water supplies, it’s no surprise ...

Is Whole House Reverse Osmosis Right for You?
The article will aim to help assist you in the understanding of determining the water processing equipment you may need while also providing clarification ...

Soggia - 4FR - Borehole pumps
Series of submersible pumps 4 "newly developed, designed and built for maximum resistance against sand (up to 250 g / m≥) and other impurities. Materials ...

Upcoming Events
WATEC Italy 2018
Cremona - Italy
Oct. 24 - 27, 2018
WATEC Italy 2018, is scheduled to take place in Cremona from October 24th till 27th. It is an initiative aimed at promoting cooperation between both Italian and International Companies that will also foster the interaction between the private sector and the public one.
American Water Summit - 2018
Philadelphia - Pennsylvania (USA)
Oct. 24 - 26, 2018
Now in its 9th year, The American Water Summit gathers the most influential figures in water for two days of debate, networking and decision making at the highest level. It shapes the direction of the North American water sector and is the leading water business event in the region.
Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition
Atlanta - Georgia (US) (USA)
Oct. 28 - 31, 2018
The Water Infrastructure Exhibit Hall showcases the latest in water infrastructure support, asset management, water loss, cyber security, emergency management and more. With over 50 exhibitors, attendees enjoy extensive networking ...
Water Supply and Treatment 2018
Newcastle upon Tyne - United Kingdom
Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2018
Delegates will acquire a fundamental understanding of the legal, health and technical aspects of treating and supplying water for drinking and industrial purposes. The course uses laboratory and design classes and a site visit to ...
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