- Model OPER@ - Noise Measurement and Monitoring Station


OPER@ is a class-1 noise measurement station (LNE-approved since 2007) with outstanding technical features: 2 measurement channels, advanced management of events, unique acoustic indicators (dose, sliding Leq, etc.), management of actions on events (MP3 audio recording, alarm, etc.), remote real-time listening, etc.

The OPER@ station, which is connected to the network through a 3G or ADSL modem, automatically and periodically sends measured data to a central server. The user can then directly process the data stored in a database using the OPER@ suite and the dBTRAIT processing software.   

The users can also opt to use the 01dB WebMonitoring, a Cloud solution, in order to free themselves from all technical network set-up requirements. In this case, they can view their data on a public or private Web site suited to their monitoring.

OPER@ has been designed to address all noise monitoring applications, such as:

  • Noise and Vibration Management of Building Sites,
  • Noise Management of Cities (European Directive 2002/49/EC),
  • Noise Monitoring of Airports,
  • Noise Monitoring of Recreational Activities...

OPER@ offers all its power to help the user to manage noise in monitoring projects and to make decisions quickly.

Robustness and Reliability

  • Class 1 metrological system (LNE-approved)
  • Fully weather resistant IP55
  • Scheduled self-check of the measurement chain
  • Small form factor allows seamless integration into the landscape

Intelligent Communication

  • Ethernet/ADSL/3G/.. .communicating stations
  • SMS/e-mail/phone alarms on thresholds and events
  • Data and audio streaming for real-time listening
  • Publishing of reports and consultation via the Internet

Easy network deployment

  • Multiple transducers (meteorology, camera, radar, etc.)
  • Easy installation and implementation
  • Simple operating and maintenance
  • Operating assistance suited to your needs

Enhance your know-how

  • Long-term monitoring
  • Noise prevention and control
  • Data warehousing
  • Environmental noise management

  • Standards : EC 61672-1 (2002) / NF EN 60651 (2000) / NFEN 61804 (2000) / ANSI 1.11/ ANSI 1.4 / NF EN 61260 (2002)
  • Metrology
    • Class 1 two-channel sound level meter
    • Dynamic range: 25 -137 dB(A)
    • Operating temperature: -10°C / +50°C
    • Calibration: Manual /Voltage insertion / Actuator (with G41AM/CN unit)
    • Minimum elementary integration time: 100 ms
  • Measured magnitudes
    • Weightings: A, B, C, Z in parallel
    • Time constants: S, F, I in parallel
    • Descriptors: Leq, Lp, Lpk in parallel
    • Statistical indices
    • Frequency analysis: 1/3 octave in Leq, LSp, LFp, Lip
    • Spectrum bandwidth: 12.5 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Additional indicators: PnL, PnLT, PSIL, SIL4, SIL3
  • General performances
    • Signal recording in mp3 format
    • Warning system by SMS / e-mail / phone
    • Communication: LAN / ADSL / 3G / EDGE / RNIS / GPRS / GSM / RTC
    • Time synchronisation: GPS / NTP
    • Triggering of actions on thresholds
    • Protection rating: 55
    • Dimensions: 270 x 170 x 60 mm
    • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Accessories
    • All-weather microphone units: UME21, G41 AM, G41CN
    • Mounting devices (wall, pole, etc.) with remote micropho
    • Protecting cabinet
    • Weather station, type VAISALA WXT 520 Warning rotating light, traffic radar, etc.
  • Associated Software
    • dB@dmin :Oper@ network management software : Remote configuration of measurement stations and schedule of transfers
    • dBDat@ : Data consultation software : Visual display of measurements performed by Oper@ stations through a calendar-type interface
    • dBTrait : Data processing software, Analysis of measurement results and comparison with statutory limit values
    • dBReport : Results publishing software, Automatic publishing of monitoring results as Web reports

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