1-bromo-3,chloro-5,5-dimethyl hydantoin

It is white or white-like crystal powder,slightly dissovled in water and also dissolubled in many organic solvent.It can be further machined to be glanular and tablet.Stable when dry and easy to decomposed when moistened.The product is steamlined oxidant type disinfecting agent,including bromo and chloro's advantage,with high stabilization,light odor,slow release,long efficient,can be widely used in;1,Sterlization for swimming pool and tap water.2,Sterlization for aquaculture.3,Sterlization for industrial water.4,Sterlization of environment for hotel,hospital and other public places. About package:It is packed in two layers:non poisonous plastic sealed bag for inside,and paple-plastic multiple bag or cardbord barrel for outside.25kg or 50kg net each or by customer's requirement.

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