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Model 100 Series - Gamma Backscatter Gauges



NDC’s 100 Series Backscatter Gamma gauges (GBS) provide thickness or weight measurement with a single-sided form factor and an integrated source and detector design that permits the use of a less-expensive scanner. These compact sensors weigh less than 3 pounds and allow measurements to be taken from areas of the process that are often inaccessible to conventional sensors. They can also be configured to either measure in fixed point or scan the web. In fixed point the gauges can be configured as a plurality array to measure either in the machine direction (MD) to measure consecutive coating applications or cross direction (CD) for calendering profile optimization.

NDC’s Series 100 Backscatter GBS range comprises:

  • Model 101: Heavy weight product measurements of either basis weight or thick coated products in the range of 5g/m2 to 25000g/m2
  • Model 102 : Medium weight product measurements of either basis weight or coated products in the range of 5g/m2 to 6500g/m2
  • Model 103: Light weight product measurements of either basis weight or coated products in the range of 5g/m2 to 1500g/m2

The GBS 100 gauges have a measurement range of 5 g/m2 to 25000 g/m2 and can handle many diverse applications. As gamma radiation is less composition sensitive, the GBS 100 gauges provide stable and accurate measurement without the need for standardization or recalibration. The GBS 100 gauges offer a robust, cost-effective measurement solution that is reliable, accurate and easy to maintain.

This unique sensor employs the Compton Photon Backscatter measurement principle known as gamma backscatter, or GBS. When gamma rays of photons are directed at a material, many of the photons are scattered back, losing some of their energy in the process. These backscattered photons strike a 100% efficient scintillator detector that produces flashes of visible light. The flashes of light enter the photomultiplier tube where they are converted into electrons and amplified. The output from the photomultiplier tube is a train of pulses whose height is proportional to the energy of the detected gamma photons, and whose pulse rate (pulses per second) are proportional to the mass (or weight per unit area) of the material being measured.

  • Compact size
  • Single-sided measurement
  • Minimal calibration
  • No standardization
  • Long shelf-life
  • Exceptional stability and accuracy
  • Measurement against air or steel roll

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