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200-WS-23 Current Loop Wind Sensor


The 200-WS-23 Current Loop Wind Sensor monitors wind speed and direction. The electronics converts the raw signals from the wind sensors to proportional 4 to 20 mA current loop values for use by process control or monitoring systems. It acts like a variable resistance that draws 4-20 mA when powered with 8 to 30 Vdc. No external power is required because the encoding electronics for wind speed and for wind direction are isolated and powered from their respective 2-wire current loops.

Two versions are offered. The 200-WS-23 measures both wind speed and direction, while the 200-WS-23S measures wind speed only. Both systems consist of two subassemblies, a wind sensor and a signal conditioning electronics package in a NEMA housing. Although it has only one PC board, it contains two completely independent circuits, one for wind speed and one for wind direction.

The wind sensor includes a three cup anemometer and wind vane. The sensor is ruggedly constructed of UV resistant ABS plastic and anodized aluminum parts, and includes 40' of cable. Additional cable lengths can be supplied. The electronics package is supplied in a gasketed wall mount NEMA enclosure.


Wind Speed
Speed threshold: 0.8 mph
Transducer type: Reed switch
Speed constant: 1.25 mph = 1 pps
Measurement range: 0-100 mph (standard)
  Optional: 0-50 m/s, 0-100 knots, 0-200 km/hr
Accuracy: 1 mph or ± 3%

Wind Direction
Azimuth accuracy: ± 3°
Bearings: Bushing
Potentiometer gap: 5°
Threshold: 1.2 mph
Measurement range: 0-360°

Current Loop
Accuracy: ± 1% full scale
Output span: 4 to 20 mA, proportioned to 0-100 mph
Output span: 4 to 20 mA, proportioned to 0-360°
Supply voltage range: 8 to 30 Vdc
2-wire loop interface: Screw terminal block
Interface power: Derived from current loop
Circuit time constant: 1 sec
Temperature range: -40° to 104° F (-40° to 40° C)

Wind speed and direction: 12' H x 10' W
Wind speed only: 4.5' H x 8.5' W
Electronics enclosure size: 4.7' H x 4.7' W x 2.25' D
Sensor cable length: 40'
Weight/Shipping: 4 lbs/6 lbs


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