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Model 24 - High Rate Automatic Backwash Filtration Systems



High Rate Automatic Backwashing Sand Media Filters are designed for general-purpose water filtration. These permanent media automatic backwashing filters will remove organic and/or inorganic suspended solids down to 20 microns in size. Through the use of automatically controlled backwashing, the filter will operate “on line” for extended periods of time prior to the short backwashing cycle.

The standard single media sand filter utilizes a vertical side shell depth of 24”. Deep bed sand media filters featuring a 36” deep side shell are also available. Ecologix sand media filters feature fusion bonded epoxy linings, cast iron or brass automatic valves, solid state automatic controls and type 304 stainless steel underdrains. Standard systems are shipped assembled on structural steel skids for easy installation and start-up. Standard inlet and outlet connections are grooved but may be ordered flanged as an option.

Ecologix in-line sand media filters are ideally suited for use in water re-use applications, water pre-treatment applications for reverse osmosis and deionization systems, or as a pre-treatment prior to disposal bag or cartridge filters. Ecologix in-line sand media filters are also widely used as primary filters for removal of suspended solids in incoming plant water or in wastewater clean up applications.

Sand Media Filtration provides effective removal of suspended solids commonly found in many water sources. The Ecologix Sand Media Filter utilizes permanent filtration media and automatic backwashing for ease of operation and consistent water quality production capability. Ecologix Single Media Filters are commonly used for pre-treatment of reverse osmosis or deionized water systems, pre-filtration for cartridge or bag filtration systems, filtration of industrial water for plant reuse and general filtration applications where removal of suspended solids down to 15 microns in size is desired.

  • Filtered Backwash on multi-tank systems
  • Fusion bonded epoxy linings
  • Grooved inlet/outlet connections
  • Automatic valves in cast iron or brass
  • Solid state automation with elapsed timer and differential pressure control
  • Liquid filled, SS pressure gauges
  • Filtration media included in system package

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