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McVeigh Parker fencing

Model 2800 litres (600 gall) - Septic Tank



The spherical tank is the simplest and most economical solution to domestic sewage disposal. A septic tank consists of a two or three chamber system that retains sewage from a property for sufficient time to allow the solids to form into sludge at the base of the tank, where it is partially broken down through anaerobic digestion. The remaining liquid in the tank then overflows from the tank by means of an outlet pipe to a drainage field. Spherical septic tanks are manufactured as standard from 2,800 to 4,600 litres net working capacity.

When sizing a storage tank for domestic properties it must be noted that under the Building Regulations it must have a minimum capacity of 18,000 litres (2 people) under Environment Agency regulations.When siting units there are a number of factors to be considered. Systems should not be positioned closer than 7 metres to any dwelling and as far as possible from any watercourse, normally not less than 10 metres. Adequate access to tankers for emptying should also be taken into consideration.We are able to offer a full range of tanks to suit sewage disposal, rainwater collection, pumping stations and bypass separators.Please contact us for full details, including up to date special offer prices and installation instructions.

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