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- Model IFAS - Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge System



2H BIOdek IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) offers a possible performance increase of up to 40 % without new aeration tanks. 2H BIOdek IFAS adds high surface media to an activated sludge basin. On this media additional biomass will grow and increase the operative sludge age: A higher performance will be achieved.

2H BIODEK IFAS: High Performance Results In High Biomass Growth!

The main component of 2H IFAS plug and play modules is the 2H BIOdek vertical channel media, which releases excess sludge into the water column with minimal clogging risk. At the same time those vertical channels ensure optimum water circulation. Aerators are chosen for requested nitrogen and carbon removal requirements and are mounted below the media in the installation cage.

2H BIOdek IFAS offers:

  • Increase of sludge-age and active biomass without extra tanks
  • Increased system robustness as fixed film is not affected by bulky or pinpoint sludge
  • Better sludge settling characteristics
  • Plug and play modular design for step by step upgrades
  • High surface area for biofilm growth
  • KVP/KVC media types can be installed with continuous vertical channels

  • Environmental friendly, impact and ageing resistant PP
  • Simple retrofitting under operation
  • Decades of experience with structured fills for wastewater treatment

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