- Structured Packings for Mass Transfer Applications



Structured packings MASSdek are high-capacity fills for chemical and physical absorption, desorption and for bio scrubbers. In view of their excellent compression strengths, they are also well suited for bio trickling filters. Due to the special configuration of the fill, a uniform distribution of liquid is maintained under both high and low hydraulic loads.

MASSdek structured packings are manufactured by welding profile-shaped plastic foils onto each other. Two aspects are important:

  1. Even liquid distribution from the structure of the whole packing
    The profile-shaped foils as well as the structure reached by the inclination of the foils towards each other (channel inclination) achieve an even liquid distribution throughout the packing for low up to very high liquid loads.
  2. High rate of mass transfer by profile-shaped foils
    The wave-like profiles (inner structure) of the single foils assure a continuous thorough mixing of gas and liquid. This constant renewal of the gas/liquid boundary results in high mass transfer rates.

This design proves to be more efficient than for example random packings. Tests have shown that MASSdek structured packings reach a significantly higher throughput and a lower pressure drop at the same level of mass transfer performance.

  • Extremely low pressure drop
  • Excellent separating efficiency
  • High throughput capacity
  • Gas and liquid distribution maintained effectively through the whole pack
  • Very high compressive strength (Fitting height up to 10m)
  • High chemical resistance
  • Huge variety of plastic compounds
  • Environmental sustainability

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