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- Counter-Flow Cooling Tower Fills



Different Types For All Requirements – Available In PVC And PP; From small cooling towers to large cell and natural draught cooling towers: Our PLASdek packings fulfill all requirements. Different types of film fills with large specific surface are highly suited for clean and medium water qualities, whereas for special operation conditions and for strongly polluted water grid structures are the best choice. Ask our experts. They have long time experience and will be grateful to help you choose the right fill for your application.

  • Excellent heat and mass transfer
    Due to high mixing turbulence by cross-fluted structure
  • High resistance to erosion
    Provided by double folded PVC edges or reinforced PP edges
  • Self supporting structure
    High bearing capacity achieved by large number of connecting points and variable sheet thicknesses
  • Flexibility in material and dimensions
    Adaptation to plant requirements according to customer request
  • Long service life
    Due to chemical, bacterial and UV resistance of PP and PVC

Maximum Application Temperature:

The operational temperature should be measured at the inlet pipe of the system and should not exceed the maximum temperature stated above.

High Temperature Applications:

Fill media in high temperature in PP (up to 100°C) available on request.


Products in flame retardant version according to American (ASTM E84, UL 94) and European standards (DIN 4102, NF P 92-501) are available on request. National regulations on fire protection should be taken into consideration before choosing a product.

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