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- Anti-Legionella Fills for Cooling Towers



2H SANIPACKING fill media are made of a special antibacterial Polypropylene (PP) compound. The biocide impregnated compount disrupts the metabolic process of unwanted micro-organisms at the cell wall level, thus interrupting their ability to function, grow and reproduce on the 2H SANIPACKING Combined with regular maintenance and correct water treatment in the cooling circuit to prevent the formation of deposits and bacterial growth, 2H SANIPACKING fills serve to minimize the risk of infections from legionella diseases.

Features of our 2H SANIPACKING* Fills

  • Prevents growth of Legionella pneumophila and other bacteria
  • Durable
  • Superior performance in heat exchange
  • High temperature resistance (PP)
  • High separation efficiency
  • No brittleness or sharp edges
  • High stability
  • Economical installation


Maximum Tolerances:

On all dimensions +/- 20 mm or 2 % whichever is the greater. Other tolerances and dimensions by prior agreement.

*Depending on recipe/additives higher temperatures can be reached by HT-additives.



Impact-resistant environmentally friendly. Resistant to rot fungi and most dissolved chemicals, UV-stabilized.


2H SANIPACKING Anti-Legionella Performance Test

To test the performance of 2H SANIPACKING fills and drift eliminators, the Japanese industry standard JIS Z 2801 (corresponding to ISO 22196) is used. The bacteria, in this case legionella (legionella pneumophila), are applied on a 2H SANIPACKING foil sheet and bred over 24 h. After this period, the number of living bacteria is determined and compared to an untreated reference sample. The difference of both samples is represented by a logarithmized value R.

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