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- Lamella Clarifiers (Tube Settlers)



TUBEdek Lamella Clarifiers, also called tube settlers, are used for solids removal (sedimentation processes) in water and sewage treatment. TUBEdek can be used in rectangular and in circular tanks.

  • Process efficiency :
    From multiplication of the sedimentation area, chevron equidistant channel shape and adaptation of the settling area spacing and slope
  • Flexible dimensions
    TUBEdek® can be adapted to all kinds of shapes, inclinations, round settlers and allows cut outs.
  • Easy handling
    Simple on site assembly method grants low cost, safe delivery to any place in the world.
  • Sophisticated support system
    With stainless steel and specially shaped glass fibre reinforced plastic beams minimizing turbulence and sludge deposit.
  • Strong and high quality material
    TUBEdek® provides high stability of the modules for easy maintenance – PP material approved for high standards of potable water applications.

Sludge, sand and silts in surface water, chemical precipitation and flocculation form solids which have to be removed. The most economic process to remove this pollution is parallel plate sedimentation.

TUBEdek lamella clarifiers base on this physical principle. They consist of single profiles, which are assembled to a module forming several adjacent tubes and multiple sedimentation planes. This design increases the sedimentation area by a factor of 6 to 15 per square meter footprint. Using TUBEdek tube settlers therefore decreases costs by being able to build smaller tanks.

Flexibility for all different Applications:

Our different tube settler types enable optimized sewage treatment processes. By choosing different tube lengths and heights and by varying the inclination angle, TUBEdek settlers can be adjusted to all kinds of process requirements and tank geometry.

Engineering Support:

Please use our long experience and application know-how and ask for support in designing your clarifier or sedimentation tank.

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