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- Model D.R.A.M.S. - Early Warning System



Detection and Recording Automatically by a Magnetic tuned System. D.R.A.M.S. Early Warning System (an EDE TECH registered patent ) is a method and system  to locate a target and represent it  location on a GIS* environment. DRAMS EWS is a fully C4ISR system, giving the ability to remotely control and monitoring targets in real time.  Geographical Information System.

By the use of DRAMS EWS, an Edetechnologies Ltd registered patent GR20070100067/2008-09-19 method, targets located and represented on a Geographical Information System environment. DRAMS EWS is a fully C4ISR system, giving to chief of operations the ability to remotely control and monitoring operations in real time and could:

  • Clean an area (city – railway station – port – airport – bus station – building – camp etc) from explosives.
  • Protect an area 24 hours a day (city – railway station – port – airport – bus station – building – camp etc) from explosives.
  • Search, Detect and Localize commercial or non-commercial (hand-made) explosives, UXO’s, bombs, any Trap that embedded explosives (IDE’s), any military ammunition in ground, on a range over 20000 meters, or even underground and deep into the water or sea.

In current international enterprises world, world marketing, open borders and free locomotion's, the challenge of remotely finding and localization of any distinguishable material structure and HUMANS (living or dead) from long distance is more powerful and more awkward than ever. The ability to find material structures as explosives, metals, non metals, living or dead humans, clear water, and many other things is now a reality.

This system has integrated elements to be magnetic tuned with every pre - tuned material structure as explosives, drugs and others. By using the magnetic tuned phenomenon for tuned materials with a high sensitivity, the ‘SPINOTRON & ENDR ’  systems can detect from short distances 0 -500 meters every pre -  tuned material. It makes the device able to ignore any known attempts to disguise the substance or target or hiding and identification of that substance or substances. In ideal conditions range reach over 6.000 m for amounts about 10 kg TNT or other kind of explosives or drugs,    DEPENDING  from MASS and DISTANCE of the target.

‘SPINOTRON & ENDR ’ system detects and localizes Explosives in long distances. The ‘SPINOTRON & ENDR ’  system system accurately detects mines, weapons, RPG’S, stinger missiles, explosive systems, mortar shells, nuclear projectiles, projectiles, antitank weapons, hashish, cocaine, heroine, amphetamine, ecstasy etc. The system detects explosives in distances ranging from few meters to several kilometers, depending on the quantity of explosives, in a sector of 360 degrees and in depths more than 25 meters under soil, water or in the sea.

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