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- Model ENDR Series - Long Distance Material Detectors System



At ENDR series models the primary SPINOTRON system ‘engine’ creates a specific magnetic field that interacting with an energy field produced by a secondary engine  inside ENDR system. Those two fields interferes between them and a sensor. This sensor is pre tuned as to magnetic tuning to a distinguishable material structure (explosive, ammunition, drugs, humans, under ground vacuum, etc) we want to tuned with (to detect), called ‘target’.  Those modulated magnetic fields interferes with other environmental present magnetic fields, creating the necessary conditions for interaction with the target. As an electron-vibration activity happening on the target (Magnetic tuned phenomenon). Detection is achieved as the result of an ATTRACTION that appears between the ENDR Magnetic Tuned Receptor  sub system and the target*.

Detection Method:  Magnetic tuned phenomenon   Using MAGNETIC TUNED RECEPTOR for TARGETING

Sensitivity: Below Trace level. [Fingerprint] (In the Picogram range.)

Selectivity: < 1% typical false positive rate (this is mainly due to the inability to visibly see or trace-detector sampling, unable to analyze.)

Detection/Reaction Time: Less than 6 - 10 Seconds for a 180 degrees sector

Setup Time: Depends on the magnetic fields neutralize process. Less than 1 minute after this process.

Environmental:  Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C [limitations exist for the computer system for the GIS environment of DRAMS

Power: 12 volt , 5 Amp power supply. Car charger available. External power supply is available too (heavy duty missions).   Wage : about 2,8 kilos

Signal Processing: Magnetic tuned attraction of a  moving directional magnetic tuned receptor, detection at  180 degrees across user's  body.  MAGNETIC TUNED RECEPTOR  for TARGETING.

Calibration: Not normally required. For  accuracy user tests equipment prior to use by detecting a sample of the material.

VEry loNg and for Underground detection Systems designed to do a quick and efficient survey of Very Long Distances (from 0 to > 6000m) Remote Detection & Localization of explosives, UXO’s, bombs, IED’s, ammunition, Drugs, underground vacuum, mineral oil /platinum, live/dead humans etc, setting aside every similar substance.

Designed to do a quick and efficient survey of material structures in distances from 0 to > 6.000 meters, setting aside every similar substance.  ENDR   uses DRAMS (a Kyklotron's Ltd registered patent) method to locate the target and represent the explosive location on a GIS (Geographical Information System) environment. DRAMS is a fully C4ISR system, giving to director of operations the ability to remotely control and monitoring operations in real time.


ENDR   system used by D.R.A.M.S. Early Warning System (an EDE TECH registered patent ) method to locate the target and represent it  location on a GIS environment. DRAMS EWS is a fully C4ISR system, giving the ability to remotely control and monitoring targets in real time.

Magnetic fields are not affected from any given barrier, which means that ENDR® can detect tergets hidden behind concrete walls, metal cases etc. and is especially useful in covert scenarios that allows detection of targets within a distance > 20000 meters (depending on the mass of target) behind and through all types of obstacles (including concrete, steel etc.).

  • Provides area protection against target approaching
  • Very long detection range over 6000 meters
  • Easy target depth found from very long distance
  • Working from inside a room/car/vehicle, etc
  • Precision in detection &  ease of use
  • Simultaneous Detection of any material  or no material structure
  • Effective Detection of any kind of pre tuned target
  • Very Long Distance and Accuracy
  • Working Environment Flexibility
  • Zero preparation time to work
  • Penetrates any kind of barriers (steel, wood, concrete, mountains, etc)

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