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Model 300 - Turf Slitters and Aerators



K-Two's Aeravator Turf Slitter and Aeravators are designed to aerate and relieve surface compaction of grass fields and amenity turf land, improving drainage and rejuvenating tired pasture.

Made with a robust box section frame it features a built-in weight tray to the front of the implement for easier lifting and tractor balance.

Hard wearing replaceable blades with penetration up to 7.5' are mounted in a spiral configuration. Penetration can be varied according to conditions by adding weight in the form of standard building concrete blocks.

A rear mounted roller attachment can be fitted where the finished surface after grass aeration must be tidy, such as on golf courses and playing fields.

Rear towing eye and parking stands are standard. The K-Two Aeravator is ground driven with low horsepower requirements.

Aeravator Turf Slitter and Aerator 300 Technical Specifications
Width 3.05 m (10 ft)
Water Tank 1100 l
No. of Blades 105

* Product also available without water tank
Note: All models have 5 blades per rotor ring

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