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Model 30 - Chipper Machine



Chipper highly productive forest sites intended for mid-sized contractors and farmers. The model chipper 30-60 CHIPPER ENERGY is one of those chipper machines designed by Gandini mechanics to service the forestry sector, as it is capable of producing high quality wood chips used in the energy sector. The design of the chipper CHIPPER ENERGY 30-60 was based on a system of cutting blades on the drum, while all the operations that can be performed for the production of wood chip material can be controlled electronically. The CT 30-60 is equipped with modern 'NoStress' and 'noblock' and also can be operated from the tractor or autonomous motor, but also have a series of toothed rollers to improve the processing activities. Alternatively you can apply an industrial chain to convey to them also significant amounts of waste wood plant and beyond. To finish this model chipper can be equipped with a grid output to provide calibrations of different chips.

Chipper drum of large dimensions.

It produces high quality wood chips used in the energy sector.

It is equipped with modern systems 'NoStress' and 'noblock'. Suitable for the forest system but also for the agricultural sector.

It can produce between 14 and 18 cubic meters of wood chips per hour.

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