Model 370 - Stationary Double Cartridge Seal with Bearing



For all applications requiring DIN shaft and flange dimensions DEPAC offers a mechanical seal system from which the optimum seal form can be selected for the purpose in question. The flange parts, face parts and certain seal housing parts are interchangeable, enabling the user to keep stock levels low while still meeting a broad demand for spare parts.This modular system guarantees all the advantages of the stationary mechanical seals previously described which are needed for an optimized service life.

  • Stationary double cartridge seal with bearing
  • DIN 28141 flange
  • DIN 28154 shaft form A-B-C or according to all other standard specifications or customer requirements

  • Stationary design principle
  • Cartridge mounted
  • DIN dimensions, alternatives are possible
  • Shock and vibration-dampend faces
  • Double balanced
  • Full pressure reversability
  • Self-closing in case of pressure reversal
  • Mirror-image face design
  • Independent of the direction of shaft rotation

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