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- Tire Recycling Equipment


We can produce the waste tire recycling line which the capacity is 300-10000 Kg/H to meet the client's requirement. 1.The two shaft shredder is used for shredding the whole tire into scraps which size is suitable for the LGF separator. 2.The wire separator is mainly used for crushing the rubber block from the two shaft shredder into 8-15mm rubber granule, thus, the wires and rubber is still in a mixture but not stick together. 3.The magnetic separator is used for separating the steel wire from the mixture that is coming from the LGF separator. 4.The vibrator is connected under the LGF separator and the magnetic separator. It separates a certain part of fibre. 5.The rubber crusher is to crush the 8-15mm rubber granule from the LGF separator into 2-4mm rubber granule. 6.The miller is economic with low power consumption and small size. When production, the working condition is clean and comfortable. Under normal temperature, it can produce 40-80 mesh rubber powder.

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