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Model 400-MR - NMR Spectrometer


The Agilent 400-MR is the NMR system of choice for laboratories requiring a compact, easy-to-use instrument that delivers fast, reliable results for routine analyses. The 400-MR provides unmatched productivity for diverse applications by combining easy-to-use VnmrJ 3 software with the outstanding performance of DirectDrive 2 spectrometer architecture. The system is ideal for compound detection, quantitation and structural confirmation of even the smallest peaks. The compact footprint of the Agilent 400 MHz magnet and its excellent stray field characteristics ensure that you can locate the 400-MR instrument where it works best for you. Smart software, push-button experiments along with a complete automation suite let you spend less time developing methods and more time analyzing results.


  • Safe, flexible site location - features compact footprint, robust interference attenuation and anti-vibration support legs.
  • Clean DirectDrive 2 RF architecture - delivers precisely timed RF and gradient events and provides total pulse programming control, enabling quantitation of minor impurity peaks.Superior DirectDigital receiver - prevents quadrature artifacts and delivers outstanding baselines, dynamic range, and sensitivity.
  • 400 MHz Premium Shielded NMR magnet - exhibits excellent performance in a wide range of lab environments.
  • Unique hybrid OneNMR Probe - provides superior 1D/2D performance and the advantages of both direct and indirect detection methods.
  • ProTune automatic tuning module - streamlines probe management and system set-up.
  • A complete automation suite - increases system efficiency and lab productivity.
  • Easy-to-Use VnmrJ 3 software - with integrated experimental design, data acquisition, analysis and reporting lets you execute your analyses quickly and organize the results efficiently.
  • Expert support organization - keeps your systems operating at the highest level and lets you concentrate on delivering results.

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